Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No Internet

Living in the country is great. Living in the middle of nowhere is so peaceful. Living so far in the country in the middle of nowhere can also have a few glitches . Since Sunday we have had no internet. Sadly this meant no posts of 25 days of Christmas and no reading my daily blogs either.
But last evening after Supper the weeones discovered that it was back. (HB found out about a hour before that but forgot to let us know)
You should have been here in our house last evening, as every laptop was taken from checking in on there Webkinzs to updating there Club penguin to checking and returning emails.
We all had a little bit of internet withdrawal I guess.

We woke up to a blanket of white out there this morning and it is still coming down hard. I have eye Doctor check up this morning in town so I am hoping the roads will be ok.
HB left for work a little early this morning as they will have a heck of a drive there. I put a nice fire on and the house is cozy. I already did up a load of laundry and filled the dishwasher from last night as the dinner dishes were still in the sink. We had company show and I sat and enjoyed my company. We have farmer friends that come out to visit every so often and we all enjoy there company very much. Viv brought me a loaf of her very still warm homemade bread. (that I will share for breakfast this morning) She also brought a lovely pan of Chocolate Chip cookies. So we shared those and had a coffee and chatted farmish things for awhile as the weeones got there internet fill.

After I get back today and get things here under way, I will pop in and add a few things that we have done over the weekend towards our 25 days of Christmas.
I am not sure if I told you all that my Mother was coming home for the weekend. She came home Saturday for the day and was very tired when she got back to the hospital that night,so Sunday we only picked her up later and she went back after supper. She enjoyed her weekend as did we. She was amazed at the new addition and also how much her dog had grown.

Well enough chatting for now. I will be back later. I'm off to make breakfast for the weeones.


  1. What a blessing that she could come home for a time. I hope that he continues to improve and will be able to come home soon.

    I have missed your posts. That is one of the joys of living in the country, but I wouldn't change it.

    Have a wonderful day and I hope that you can get to town and back safely.


  2. I soo know what you mean about internet problems living in the country :( So glad your mom got to come home for a visit! I'm sure it lifted her spirits. Hope you have a safe drive to your eye doctor visit today.
    Cary ann

  3. I am glad your internet is working. I hope it stays on. :) I missed your posts! I am glad your Mom got to leave the hospital if only for a while.

    Have a nice evening.