Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back On The Blogging Band Wagon

Good Monday Morning.
I hope you are all well. I am back and feeling refreshed after a lovely March break. Thank you to all of you who sent along lovely emails wondering if all was alright after not blogging in awhile due to a few reasons. Thank you also to those who sent their tips and share home remedies for my nasty cold that I had.
But I am back and ready to share so much with you.
I had a terrible nasty cold that just drug me through a week and a half before March break. After finally getting through that we decided to bring Mom home from the hospital for the weekend of the beginning of March break as Saturday the 3rd was Justin's 14th Birthday,and she wanted to be here for it. Due to a storm coming that day we brought her home on Friday evening and brought her back on Sunday afternoon. She did very well and we all enjoyed having her home. The weeones and I went to her house for brunch with her and my Dad on Saturday morning, as HB worked nights and needed to sleep,also it was easier to go to her then her to us.
We had a BarBque in a snow storm for Justin's birthday supper, fourntualy my parents deck is enclosed with a roof so we were able to do so.
Mom should only have a few more weeks in the hospital and if all goes well she will in her home. Hard to believe that it was a year on the 4th.

Justin had only wanted a little Birthday and as it was storming out that is what he got. He did however receive a   for his Birthday and new flat screen TV for his room as his old clunker quit. He was pretty excited. He also received other gifts of Money as he is saving for things for his Skidoo and motorbike.
Justin's TV was not the the only thing that was old and decided to quit. My camera did that day as well. So unfounrtaly I have no Birthday pictures of my little 14 year old Man to share on that day with you.

Monday was HB's first day off after night shifts so he slept till noon. Justin went Skidooing and the girls and I took off to the Movies in town for a mantiee to see Dr. Seuss's the Lorax in 3D.
 We had a great girls afternoon out.

Tuesday we set off to the next town about a hour away to do a little family bonding and shopping.
HB had to stop along the way to pic up some parts for the truck and then we headed into the town and went to the little mall.(this is where I totally jump back a few pages and then come back)

3 weeks ago I began to watch my weight. I decided I was over weight about 29 pounds and it was time to do something about it. I have been having high blood presure for about a year now and with all the stress of my Mom I just figured that was it. But I have put on a few extra pounds and over the holidays I did the same again.More pounds. So It was overtime for a change.
My weigh in day is Saturday and on the first week I was down 5 pounds. I was so excited. Although they say the first week is usually water. But it still felt great to hope up on those scales and see the results. I could even see it when I went to try on some new jeans at Retimans and all the ones I had taken into the changing room were to big. I went down a whole pant size.
The second week I was down another 3 pounds for a grand total of 8 pounds in 2 weeks. So as part of my reward I went to pick up a few new clothes I needed for Spring. I so need new cloths as mine were getting pretty ratty and I am very frigul shopper and find it so hard to spend money on myself. But this was my chance.
(Ok back to where I left off at the Mall)
The girls and I headed over to Smartset (My all time favorite shop) I had seen this beautiful blouse online and new it was just for me. Yep they still had it and it was now on sale. I tryed on the XL to find out that it was to big and I needed the Large. Perfect. I found a nice little tank to go underneath it.
The girls went to Ardenes and found loads of fun and colorful things from jewerly to cloths,to shoes,scraves, and lip glosses. The boys found the elictronic store and spent all there time in there. I also picked up Justin another t-shirt for school. We left the mall and ventured over to the Dairy Queen and too it to the ski hill to watch the downhill skiers before heading home the long way along the water.
It was a great day.
Wednesday The weeones and I headed in the other direction to another town about a hour away. HB decided not to join us as he had to much to do around the farm. We did a little shopping and then went for lunch at Jungle Jim's. (A fun jungle themed restaurant .) He a bit more shopping and I went again to my favorite store Smartset there too. I got 2 more new tops and a new Spring purse. We went to the Bulk barn for some candy goodies for Easter before heading back home.
Thursday was a beautiful day here. We were even the highest in the country at one point. 18 degrees. It really was a Spring day. (even though Spring is a week away)
Friday HB went back to work day shift and the girls and I ran some errands. Justin went to my in-laws for the weekend. So the girls and I stopped by the video store on our way home to pick up movies and a couple of Wii games.
Saturday the girls had Kids scrap and I ran to pick up the items for the week that I had forgotten. We came home and made pizza and garlic fingers.
Sunday we slept in with the time change. It felt great!!! Jill came down and crawled into bed with me at 10:00 WOW !!!!
Jayne was not far behind her. We finally crawled out of bed made a quick breakfast ate, made a coffee,and a couple of hot cocoas and headed back to bed to watch hoodwinked too in bed on our new flat screen TV that HB bought as his treat and addition to our new master bedroom.
After the movie we got up and continued with our Sunday as usual. Hospital visiting,making supper,picking up Justin and then settling in with the Family to watch Heartland our family TV night.
All in all I think our March break was pretty good, even though we were not at Disney like most of the people we know.
But just being home with the family is even better.

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