Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Chit Chat

Good morning. It has been a few days since I was around my blog, and I have been keeping busy around the farm and the house.
Monday after the weeones went off to school and HB back to work I got busy and cleaned. My poor floors were in dire needs of vacuuming and a good washing. (Oh the joys of having pets in the house when it comes to this time of year with the hair) next it will be mud mixed with God only knows.
Anyhow I managed to get it all done and the mount of laundry as well.
I did however pop in throughout the day and tweeted.
Yesterday I thought I would begin upstairs with a clean up. Ever since we moved down to the ground floor I find myself not taking the time and going up and sweeping and vacuuming as much as I did before. (I guess I am not there to see the dust bunnies floating by)
I also gave Jayne's room a quick clean up and moved around a few things.
I can't wait to start on Jill's new addition in her tiny little room.
Justin just needed a dusting and vacuuming as he keeps everything just so.
I took a little time for myself yesterday and watched a little TV which I never do during the day. Don't get me wrong I put the TV on and listen from other rooms in the house but never sit and watch. I usually put it on Hallmark so I can here Martha. It kinda felt funny to sit and watch TV during the day.
I went to the middle school last evening for a meeting for the grade 5 students who will be entering in the fall. Jayne will be one of them. ( I am so scared and she is so looking forward to it ) my little girl in middle school. Yikes!!!!
What's even worse is that Justin will be entering high school in the Fall. double Yikes!!!!
I will have three children attending three different schools. WOW I am going to be busy.

Jayne and Jill are keeping busy these days scrapbooking and working on their new doll houses. They are awaiting parcels in the mail for items they have saved to buy for their houses. It is so cute to see them working out in the garage with Daddy telling him what they want.
Justin is still busy with the Skidoos. He has fixed up a couple and has been doing a great job. Just like Daddy when it comes to mechanics . He also picked him self up a little work with the farmer over the road,hauling out wood from the woods to his house with the horse. (a little extra pocket money for gas for his skidooing)
HB had a terrible end to his work week last week. He was in a accident and they rolled the other guys jeep. luckily they were ok with only a few little nicks. HB had a sore neck and back and a some minor cuts for the glass, the other guys was the same with a very sore back and had a bad back problem. He is off for the week. But HB went back after his days off. Feeling better. He never stopped all weekend and said that is why he felt better,he says if he keeps going he will be fine. And he was.
Well I am still waiting on my new bedding set. It arrived last Tuesday and when the courier  came to the door, I owed brokerage fees of $160.00 I was in shock and told the driver that there was no way. He gave me the number of the courier  and went on his way with my parcel. Well after talking with someone they figured out that they had made the error at UPS and was going to fix the price. Then there system went down Thursday,Friday and then it was the weekend. I called on Monday morning nothing was done yet, I was getting a little upset. Monday afternoon they called and said they contacted the  courier who delivers here in the town to let them know to hold the parcel for 5 more days so that it won't get sent back, and that they are working on the case and it was their mistake. Well it is now Wednesday morning and I wonder if I will here anything today. I guess I was just not meant to have that bedding set.
Ok enough of me going on. It will get here and we will have a beautiful bedding set soon enough.

Today is going to be a nice day of a high of 2 (No minuses ) maybe Spring is coming.
Well it is that time of morning to go and start breakfast for the weeones.
I hope have not overloaded you all with my post. Take care and have a wonderful day.


  1. Hi, Jessica! So good to hear from you. :) You will definitely be busy with your kids all in different schools. I hope you get your bedding soon!

    Have a great day.


  2. Oh, how frustrating. I hope that it works out okay. So thankful that you HB is okay as well.

    Kids grow up so fast. I only had kids in two different schools before we pulled them out of our local schools. That was busy enough.

    Have a wonderful day.