Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Good morning and Happy Valentines Day to all of you. It is a freezing morning here yet again with a -29 degrees to start the day.

Last evening we stayed in and worked on our Valentines for the teachers in the craft corner on my new room. The girls sat on the floor next to the electric fire place in the bedroom and worked on their Valentines.
This new fire place makes the room so cozy.

Jill made me this poster.

The teachers valentines turned out really nice too.
These are Jill's for her teachers
Jayne also made her teacher one as well.

This morning the weeones were up early and I made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. They got ready for school and wore there Valentines day T shirts.
Jayne looks sad, but she was not. She was so excited to get to school with their Valentines and heart shaped suckers for their classes. Jayne shirt says Happy Valentines day (Old Navy)

Jill has peanut butter and Jelly in love....hehe! (old navy as well) 

They gave their Valentine love to Franny before leaving for school.

Tonight Jill has out her Valentine Mice book for us to read. 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family. Your Valentine cards and "Valentines" are adorable! I love their Valentine shirts.

    Your fireplace looks so cozy. I might need one of those for my bedroom. :)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day. I hope that you all have a wonderful day.