Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Scrap

Good morning... It is a very cold windy snowy day out there.  If you are going outdoors around here today better dress warm.

I wanted to blog last night about the girls layouts from their kids scrap. But.... I started at the scrap desk scrapping and time slipped away,and before I knew it,it was time to go to bed. (Oh how time flies by when your crafting)

Like I said the girls went scrapping yesterday and did their "Winter scene" layouts.
They did a great job as usual.

Here is Jillian's Winter fun layout without their pictures put in yet.

Jayne turned out perfect as well. However I don't no why put the pictures would not turn for me. (sorry)

From Feb. 13th till Feb. 17th. is Teacher appreciation week in our area.

This is a big week for the teachers at the girls school. Parents volenteer everyday to make and deliver cupcakes, fruit trays,veggie trays,and little treats.
Every year I like to send little treats in as well.
I decided to start the week off with a nice Thank you card.
Jill's Teachers card is to cute. (Jill picked out the paper)

Jayne's teacher is a guy so it was a little harder to make one for a man teacher, but with the help from Jayne we found some good colors.

Now to just finish up the Teachers Valentines today........

Do you make Valentines? If so I would love for you to share them with me.


  1. You look so warm, cozy, and pretty in that picture! You and your girls are so talented at scrapbooking and card making!

    Have a great Sunday.


  2. Those look great! I know the teachers appreciate all that you do for them! Hope you have a great weeke there.
    Cary ann