Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The New Master Suite

I know,I know I have not been around the blogging world again, and believe me I feel terrible. But life sometimes keeps us so busy that it also keeps us away from the things we love doing most. (Like blogging)
So I will not make anymore promises I will blog when I can get a moment even if it is only a small posting.

We have had some beautiful Spring weather this past week. We went from freezing cold temps to a WOW 25 degrees. The snow has dropped so much and the yard is like a pig pen. This week however the temps are freezing once again. It went down to -15 overnight. What a change.

With Spring on it's way the green house is in full swing, and I am sure new spring arriivals with be popping up any day now in the barn.

We finally made it to the trailer to take a peek inside and we had no winter damage thus far that we could see. Once the weather warms up a bit like it had I will make my way out there to give it a good spring cleaning.
We are getting the camping itch already.

My Mom came home for the weekend once again and had a great stay. We too her back to the hospital late Sunday afternoon and she was pretty tired. She is coming along well and is awaiting her new equipment to be able to come home with.

HB has just started back on his day shifts after having the last 2 weekends off.  He spent his time building another work truck,as a spare to travel to the mine with.

Justin has kinda gotten over Skidoo fever, but with the beautiful weather we have had it had began Dirt bike weather. (Yep you guessed it, he is now working out the winter sitting bugs out of his dirt bike and getting it tuned for the season)

Jayne had a great Friday evening as she went to a friends birthday party from after school till 8. It was a boy that she goes to school with. He is a very good friend of hers and used to live on the next road. They moved around Christmas time about a half hour away to a large country estate that had went for sale. They took us for the grand tour and it was amazing. Jayne was the only girl at the party,but fit right in. They even had a savenger hunt in there barn that does not yet house any livestock. (What fun)

Jill has been keeping busy with Nellie her horse. She has been trying to clean her up and make her look like her old self after a winter and muddy Spring thus far. (Not good for a white horse)

So I finally got my camera back to working order, and have been wanting to post some pics of the New master suite.

And there you have it.....
After waiting so long for this room to be finished, I can finally say that it was well worth the wait.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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  1. It was good to catch up with you. I am glad that your mom is doing well. Hopefully she will be able to come home for good soon.

    Your master bedroom is beautiful. I love the nightstands.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.