Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcoming Cinnie Belle To The Farm

I have been missing the goats here on the farm. I have been wanting to add some more to the farm, but with all that has been going on here with life, we had to put it on the back burners UNTIL now!

Last week I found just what I was looking for a good milking goat. We went to see her last night and she was everything I was wanting in a goat.(I sound like a girl looking for that perfect guy) LOL
Anyhow I was not long helping Hubby load up the crate into the back of his old truck this morning,and heading out to bring her home. The people we got her from had her since she was a kid and she had a set of twins this past spring and was a great mother,they have a great milking line of goats as they run a business of soap and cheese making, along with glueton free baking.
We loaded Cinnie Belle up and headed for the farm.

Sorry for the pics being small,but I took them on my Ipad and still am trying to figure all that out with the whole camera thing. Anyhow here we are heading up the highway for home.

She has fit in so well already and the girls have been busy walking her around all afternoon on the lead. She even managed to get out of the sheep carreol 3 times already.(yep, I remember those days, there goes the rest of my flowers)
She seems to like to be high on the farm as her favorite place seems to be on top of the hay bales so far.
Isn't she just lovely. She is a purebred Toggenburg. She is 3.

(Maybe she wants to be level with Lea the Llama.)
So it does not end there. Hubby got on the phone before leaving for work and found Cinnie Belle a friend, a saanen billy goat. He is going to go and pick him up tomorrow morning and I am super excited.


  1. Cinnie Belle is beautiful! Her face looks just like Willow's. Goats are escape artists for sure. Madison constantly reminds me that if it won't hold water; it won't hold a goat. I am starting to believe her! I hope to be able to learn lots about milking goats from you. :)

    Hope you are having a great week.


  2. Cinnie Belle is so cute!! I know she will bring you all tons of pleasure and excitement. I have never really tried goat milk but I think I would like it. You asked about my spaghetti sauce recipe. You can read about it here. I have tried many different sauce recipes but this is the one we like. I have used this recipe for the last 3 yrs. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. My pastor's wife uses crisco oil instead of olive oil. I think you could use any vegetable oil though and get the same results. God bless.