Monday, August 20, 2012

Trying To Get Back On Track

It's been awhile since I have been able to sit and blog. Things have been so busy around here the last couple of weeks.
We have been busy with making hay, then trying to deal with a whole lot of rain that came way to late.
Since the hay came to a holt due to the heavy rains, we worked on repairs for the equipment. Mucked out the barns, and chicken coop. Scraped down the horse paddock with the crawler,which looked so much more like a pig pen then a horse paddock. Worked on some firewood,sawed cedar shingles at the shingle mill for the new part of the house,did up 10 gallons of yellow beans in the freezer,and a mixing bowl of peas,2 batches(20 pounds) of beets, and went to the trailer for a little down time.
Last Friday night we left for the trailer and had a great evening we had a campfire and then moved into the trailer to watch a movie before heading off to bed, so we could be up early. Saturday morning we were up at 6:30 and packed and on the road around 7:30. We headed over to the Grand Falls farmers market. (we were at this market last summer and enjoyed it do much) and we did once again. We headed over to Wal mart to get school supplies, and then to giant tiger. We left and headed out for more to our road trip. We saw a lot of country side and went to a nice picnic stop and had lunch we had taken along with us. We headed out for more of the country side views. We stopped at a few little shops and antiques places and enjoyed our day out.
This past week Mom has been doing really good, she is still on her feeding tube, but has finally decided to eat. She looks really good and is back to her old self again.  I hope this stays.
Saturday afternoon we headed to the trailer once again. We had supper,went for a swim,and had a wonderful campfire with marshmallows and popcorn.
We went to bed and slept like babies. We decided on another road trip Sunday morning going in the other direction it was a great day,and we seen a lot more country side and stopped at a friends place for a great little visit. They are about a hour and a half away. Then we headed home and spent the evening mowing the lawns and working in my flowers.
This morning I made westerns for breakfast and cleaned up the house. Got the cloths line filled up,and then went to my kitchen garden. Oh my! Beans ,beans,and more beans again. The girls and I picked and we ended up with about another 5gallons. I put then in the wood shed till tonight and I will get to them and get them done up.
We are having a BBQ tonight with hamburgers, salads,and homemade fries with some new potatoes.

Ok, well I have decided to start back in the cookie jar next Monday,sorry I have not been around to keep up with my Monday posts.
Next Monday I decided to post My favorite jam jam recipe.


  1. Hi, Jessica, you have been busy! I have missed your posts. I am glad your mom is doing so good. When I hear about your time spent at your trailer it always makes me want to camp. Our nights are cooler now and it is perfect camping/campfire weather. Your garden is doing so good. Ours is coming to an end. We are only getting tomatoes, okra, and watermelon. I have one chilling in the fridge right now. Quentin had to work late and we will have it with him when he gets home. I will have to check out your jam recipe. We have been going through a lot eating it in our yogurt.

    Have a great evening.


  2. I'm glad your mom is doing better. Your post sounds busy but so much fun. I'm glad your garden is doing well. Enjoy your day and God bless.