Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Last Weekend Of The Summer

Well we can not complain about our Summer this year. I can not remember a Summer in the last few yeas that the kiddies were able to get into te pool ever single day.
They have had a full,Summer and are ready to go back to start another school year.
Justin is starting high school,wow grade 9 already.
Jayne is starting middle school, wow
Jillian is starting grade 4.
Next Wednesday is their first day back. They are both nervous and excited. And me well I am both scared  and nervous.
Today the girls and I are going to travel to the city,2 1/2 hours away to do some shopping. Justin went to his grand parents camp for his last weekend of summer. His grandpa and him have a big fishing trip planned. They will be back on Monday. Hubby has to work as he Could not get the time off today to come with us.
Tomorrow morning we are heading up to the trailer for our last weekend there for the season. It was a great summer for the trailer and the kiddies will have lots of memories for years to come.
We will be back on Monday as well.
Have a great labour day weekend everyone!


  1. They sure do grow up fast. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend with the family.


  2. I hope Justin, Jayne, and Jillian have a wonderful school year!

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Time does go back quickly. We have had a great summer as well. I hope you get lots of good bargains today while shopping and have a ton of fun. God bless.