Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall Happens

Well I can sure say that the last week has gone by some fast.

The girls and I had a exciting day of back to school shopping in the city. We left late and then I was have way there and forgot my money in the cupboard and had to come back.
So that made us even more late getting away. Then my car over heated and I had to stop at the VW dealer in the next town so they could fix me up. We made it to the city by 4 and shopped till 8. We got home at 10:30 Friday night and were played out.
Saturday we left for the long weekend at the trailer. It was a lot cooler but it was sure relaxing.(I needed that after my trip)
We left Monday to come home and spent the evening getting things together for School. Justin had a wonderful weekend fishing with his grandparents and liked what we bought him for back to school.

Tuesday we went into town to pick up those last minute things. Came home got the book bags filled with their school supplies,and got to bed early.

Wednesday I drove the girls and Justin decided to take the bus with his friend. The high school was having a pancake breakfast for them and a BBQ for luch so Justin did not have to take anything to school with him for the day.
Jill got settled in and I took Jayne over tot he middle school. I drove home crying and worried about them all day.
But I kept myself busy here on the farm with doing the barn work, picking 10 pounds of beets and cooking and bottling them.
Made a chicken stir fry with honey garlic egg noodles,egg rolls,and garlic cheese bread for supper. 4:00 they all got home on the same bus. They were all so excited and had so much to tell me. We set the table and HB got from work just in time to sit and eat and  listen to there day. (they were also starving) so they ate everything.
Yesterday I made bread,and rolls. Cleaned the house, put a ham into the slow cooker after I boiled it, and went to visit my Mom. She has been doing really well lately but was not feeling good yesterday. (I guess we can't have every day perfect)

I came home and went to the kitchen to pick some corn. We had a lovely supper of Ham,corn,new potatoes,and rolls.
After supper we went back to the fields to dig more potatoes. We have done 1 garden and have started the second. Justin sat on the potato digger while HB drove the tractor and the girls and I filled the feed bags. They loaded them into the truck and we came home tired,dirty,and sore.
After baths were done the Kiddies had milk and cookies and were off to bed. We were not long behind them.

Today I drove the girls to school and went to the general store as I had my Fall order of flour,baking powder,and white sugar come in. They order special order for me as I buy in bulk large bags for winter. (it is   more practical for me, as I live so far away and traveling over those roads in the winter months is not a good thing)

I came home and loaded the pantry and also loaded my washing machine. I tied up a bit and washed out the fridge.
I am getting ready to go to visit my Mom then off to Jayne's school for 2:00 to have a welcome back BBQ and to see her classroom and Locker.
Then we need to pick up Jill for 3 and take Jayne to the eye glass store to see if they can tighten her glasses for her.
I promised take out tonight as we are in a rush when HB gets home, just after 4:00 as we are taking off to go get the trailer at the campground. It needs to be out of there by tomorrow and HB did not have the truck with the 5th wheel hitch on the road till this week.
We are trying to get home before dark.
Tomorrow we are going to the next little village to there Fall fair.
I hope to get a few pics.
Next week I need to finish my canning, so I can get ready for apple and pumpkin season.


  1. Wow, you sure have been busy. I'm glad you were able to get your car fixed. Car troubles can really be frustrating. We are already doing apples here. I love apple season. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Hi, Jessica! I am glad Jill, Jayne, and Justin had a good first day of school. I hope they all have a wonderful year!

    You sure have gotten a lot done lately!

    It is nice to hear your mom is still having good days.