Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend Catch Up

Well I can sure say this has been one of those weeks that had felt like it was never going to get to Friday.
I managed to get a lot done ,more canning,laundry,and cleaning was on the list. The girls had meet the teacher night Tuesday and Wednesday evening, and I even squeezed in a trip to town to get some things at the general store. Yep it was a busy week.
The weather here has done it again. We are back into the Summer temps making it  all the way up 30 degrees the last 2 days.
It has been wonderful for washing quilts,and doing our grain. Kinda a little bit different from my last post. But it is suppose to cool a bit today with only a high of 20 degrees which is still beautiful for this time of year.
As for canning I am still doing up zucchini and cucumbers. Justin is wanting to go and pick choke cherries so I guess I will be doing up some syrup and jelly as well.
Jill has a birthday party to go to today from 2 till 4 in town so I think I will try and go to the general and pick up a little extra sugar.
Yesterday I ended up with a rotten cold. Justin,and Jill had it coming on all week as well. Oh the joys of starting back to school. They bring home everything. So I guess it's living on honey for us.
Well I must go get breakfast on as I here them moving in their beds. Have a great weekend everyone

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  1. A very busy week for you for sure! I love when the temps are cooler but not yet cold. I hope your colds don't last too long! Quentin brought home a cold from work last week, and shared with all of us.:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!