Sunday, September 9, 2012

Help! zucchini Overload

Our family went out tonight to the kitchen garden to pick the rest of the cucumbers and pulled the stocks for the pigs. We ended up with still a whole lot of cucumbers after I made pickes,celery relish,and ate and ate and ate. We gave some away and I will spend the day tomorrow with the girls making Cheryl's dill pickle recipe.
Then it happened we looked a little further into the garden and where we thought we only had a few zucchinis left, we found we were wrong. We had 14 more. Yikes! What ever will I do with all of them. We grate and freeze some for baking though out the winter months. I cube and freeze some for stir frys. We make zucchini breads,muffins,and soup.
Does anyone have a favorite zucchini recipe they would want to share with me? If so please email me with it

I would love to see what else we can do with them.

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  1. We did zucchini pineapple this year. It is really good. Use it like you would for crushed pineapple.

    Have a wonderful day.