Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Stuff

Well I got to sleep in a bit this morning. I am feeling better. The kiddies are as well. We had brunch this morning on the BBQ,honey garlic sausages with left over beans from last nights supper.
I got busy and put a small fire on in the wood stove and am keeping it going as it is cooler out today. I put a beef stew on there to cook slow for the day and will make dough boys to go with it for supper. The girls (with a little help from me) made a $100 chocolate cake for desert and I took out of the freezer some buns to make roast beef rolls to go with supper. they are a big hit in our house. Very simple....Just use buns and slice a strip in them as a split. Then a dab of mayo and a slice of roast beef (that we keep shaved and froze in small containers to make sandwiches with) then a little cheese over the top and bake in the oven on a cookie sheet just until they are toasty and the cheese melts
I did a few loads of laundry up and the guys are gone to the woods to finish up some firewood. Jayne and I worked a little tiding up her bedroom. I went out to the garage to finish up with her head and foot board that HB made for her. I put the last coat of varnish on, so it should be ready to come in tonight. Poor Jayne has been awaiting her new bed for a while now.
We had a bit of a temp change last night at supper time. It was almost scary. It got so dark out and the winds began to pick up. We ran to close everything up early. Then the down poor came. It rained most of the night. (we did need it though) but the wind was not needed.
This morning we found 2 dead moles in our pond, murder suicide. hummm maybe????
I picked a few more tomatoes out of the garden and picked a few apples to fill the fruit bowl.


  1. Glad that you are feeling better. We had a fire in the cook stove the other morning. It was just too cold in the house.

    Your sandwiches sound really good. Have a wonderful evening with your family.


  2. The sandwiches sound delicious. I'm glad you all are feeling better. We had some serious wind here this morning with heavy rain. The rain has stopped now but it is still overcast. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. I am glad you and the kiddos are feeling better. Roast beef rolls sound delicious. So do honey garlic sausages and $100 chocolate cake!! We have had wind and rain the past two days and are ready for some sunshine. I hope the sun has found its way to your house by now.

    Have a great week.