Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Like

The nights are cooler and the wind has a new chill in it. Leaves are starting to change and we can see the fleece growing longer on the sheep as each day passes. Small fires are neated in the mornings now.Fall is certinally a very busy time here on the farm. Winter preps Are already underway.
Firewood is being split, and the woodshed is getting a cleaning out to be filled. The pantry is almost full with jams,jellies,pickles, preservers,and a bulk of staples to get us through the winter.The potato harvest is finally in and I cooked all that I could pick for the pigs. I bottled 30 quarts for the winter of tiny ones.

Hay is being hauled home load after load and the grain is finally ready to harvest.
The grain shed is cleaned and the agers are as well.
The swimming pool now been shut off and I began draining it.
The meat birds,and turkeys are now done up and we had the small turkey for supper lat night.
The fall sweaters are out,and the last few nights we have had to take off the summer quilts and put the heavier ones on.
The children leave for school in the mornings with their sweaters on but the days are still warm,so they come home in the book bags.
The apple trees are ready for picking,next week with be a apple week here,filling the freezer,making pies.jelly,and cider.
I am finally finished my summer dying of all my wool. We had a wonderful summer for both drying wool,and drying dyed yarns.
I have done a lot more this year with the sales I had. I never expected to sell so much yarn.
The goldfish have tripled in size in the pond and we will leave them in there till mid October.
I took out some fall decor today for inside. I love the colors of Fall.
Meals have changed as well with Fall here. More hearty comfort foods are being made for supper with hungry little people getting home from school.

My Mother is still doing well,except for the c diff she picked up again. (I hope she is still strong enough to fight it off)
Speaking of cooler temps I should go and get the laundry off the line before it gets to damp. Have a great evening.


  1. Hi, Jessica, I love the description of fall at your house! So cozy!

  2. We are getting cooler here as well. I love fall. Not too fond of the cold winters that follow fall but I suppose I can't have everything. We are in full swing with apples here. My house smells wonderful. Enjoy your day and God bless.