Thursday, August 23, 2012

Late Night Post

It is 11:15 and I should sound to sleep by now,but i'm not. Instead I am in the kitchen making pickles. Why? you might ask.Well......

I picked cucumbers yesterday and I filled my basket. I put a few in the fridge for eating, I left 12 out on the island for my celery relish. I gave 4 to the neighbour, I gave 2 to my Dad,and I dropped off 8 at the library today while I was in picking up books. I still have 14 left in the basket and the garden is pretty much ready to be picked again and again. Cucumber overload.......

I needed to get those cucs off my island as they kept looking at me every time I walked past. I wanted to make relish today but somehow or other I never seemed to get a moment to cut everything up.
So after having a early morning as Justin was going to work over the road for 7 and Hubby was leaving early to go and get out new Billy goat. Breakfast got made,laundry got done,dishes were loaded into the dish washer,went outdoors making my new Billy goat a new home in the barn, and after bringing Cinnie Belle back in from getting out of her pen 6 times and then out through the barn hall twice I then helped Hubby unload our newest addition then helped him out with some welding before having to come in and get his lunch made up and his supper cooked as he was going in on night shift. We had a BBQ of steak, new potatoes in foil,veggies in foil as well, and salad. I only cooked his and then left after him to go to the library and then came home to make our supper.

My Inlaws came for a visit tonight to see our new farm additions. I served coffee cake and coffee. Got everything cleaned up and began to cut up my ing. for the celery relish. One of the barn kittens fell in the pool. (Jill's kitten snaps) I felt terrible for her as this is the second one she has lost to the pool. I wiped away a half hour of tears into my apron and kinda calmed her down. She was still pretty upset when she went to bed tonight. Funny how cats would even go near the water. We lost 2 that way and another last year in a bucket of water in the barn, we almost lost one the other day in my pond but we caught it right after it fell in.

My pickles smell so good simmering away as I type my post......

Tomorrow I have a full agenda as well.Justin is working early again and Hubby has a friend coming in fom the next town at 9. I have coffee cake left so he can serve that while I am away to have a overdue, well long overdue hair appointment at 10, then I am off tot he hospital to visit with Mom. I have a few things to clean up here in the house and I want to load the line up with work pants from the men of the family. The girls and I are going to the trailer at lunch time and staying the night. Hubby and Justin will come up with the truck on Saturday afternoon as Justin is working in the morning, and Hubby wants to do some work around here. I want to make a campfire pizza with the girls and I will make a pan of brownies to take along with us. I will make a list for Hubby so he can bring what we will need for Saturday night and Sunday then.
We are bringing the paddle boat back home as we only have next weekend at the trailer and then we have to have it out of there by the 8th.
So I will be back on Monday with another Cookie Jar post for my Jam jam cookies.
I wish you all a well and safe weekend.


  1. I always enjoy reading about your days! Homemade pickles sound delicious. My last batch is sliced super thick because Bub did them, lol. I hope you and your girls have a great night camping. Please tell Jill we are so sorry about her kitten. Our cat, Sagwa, had kittens yesterday morning and was bitten by a copperhead yesterday evening. She died late last night. It will be a very sad here as well. :(

  2. Busy, busy. You are getting lots of cucumbers and that is good. Ours are gone. About all we have left in the garden is tomatoes. We picked almost a bushel yesterday so we will be making tomato juice today to can. Sorry about your little kitten. God bless.

  3. Wow I think I'm busy...I'm interested in celery relish do you share recipes?