Friday, July 15, 2011

CONGRATS! to "One Crafty Mumma"

I want to say a big Congrats!!! to Mel over at at the One crafty Mumma blog.
If you have not checked out her blog then your missing all the best that the blogging world has to offer. My girls and I enjoy reading it daily, from all the way on the other side of the world to us.
Mel has just won the 2011 kidspot 50 top bloggers.

You can get all the details of the awards at.
I can't wait to see where she will be off to next and blogging about.


  1. That was so super lovely of you to do this post, thank you xox
    By the way - I showed my dh your house (blog banner) and he said it's a very cool home :)
    Thanks Jessica, have a lovely week,

  2. Looks like a wonderful blog. I will be checking it out!

    Have a great weekend.