Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well we all worked hard at getting the land back to normal after our terrible Saturday. The huge clean up that had to be done is almost finished now. Thank goodness. It is amazing how fast rain and wind can take down trees.
It has been a busy week besides cleaning up the property. Monday I had 2 appointments, one for myself and one for my Mom. So that took care of that day. HB and Justin went evening fishing and caught some nice looking trout. Tuesday morning I had a foot appointment for my feet,as I have terrible cracked feet and watch them very closely as thus is how mo Mother started in this whole mess.
In the afternoon I had to go into town again for a eye appointment. We picked up a very special treat for supper last night as I was so much longer then I had thought to be and did not take anything out for supper. I bought a pizza. It was very good and sometimes change is good. (When you have to wait 3 1/2 hours in a Doctor's office)
Anyhow we had a lovely supper and headed out to get some more work done. HB worked on the other side of the new part as we have not been getting to much done over there lately with hay making under way.
Justin cut the lawn and I weeded the herb beds.
The herb beds are doing very well this year. I have some many different types growing now, basils, to chives, to coleanders,to parsley, to lavender, just to name a few.
I have moved my herb garden this year next to my lettuces and spinach.

We use our herbs daily here fresh in meals, salads. drinks,and even to scent things, and treats for the cats. We also dry many for later use. We dry our herbs by hanging them from the ceiling in the greenhouse.
I have recently found a neat idea for hanging herbs from a cloths hanger, and thought it to be a pretty cool idea as well.
I even screen some herbs as well like summer savory.

Herbs are so much fun to grow. We grow just a couple year round in the kitchen in clay pots, but mostly if it is not in season then they are used dried.

Do you grow Herbs? If so I would love to find out what you do with them as we are always on the net looking for new ideas to do with them. I can't wait to hear all your ideas.


  1. I hope that your feet will be okay. That isn't fun to have problems with them, and especially cracks.

    The only herb I have grown is sage. Maybe one day I will grow more.

    Have a great day with your family.


  2. You have been busy! My feet get dry and crack in the winter time. It is not pleasant! Your herb garden looks great! I am growing peppermint in a pot. We like to use the leaves to make mint tea or to flavor iced tea.

    Have a great evening.