Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For My Love Of Flowers

I have always enjoyed the beauty, colors, and completeness that flowers bring us. I have always found that a yard was not complete unless it had flowers growing. My Grandmother,Aunt and great Grandmother were and still for my Aunt, amazing Green Thumbs. I do believe that gene has carried on to me and will continue to carry on through my Children.
On my Birthday my Children picked me the cutest little wildflowers. I found them so cute and love them so much.
These are the little things I will remember forever.

As for my greenhouse everything is now out,and in the yard or garden. All the flowers I had stared this year from seed,did very well. I am super proud because we had such a slow start to Summer that everything just would not grow and fill out. But with a couple weeks of warmer temps and loads of sun they are where they should be.

These 2 are my favorite hanging baskets this year. The red ones are my favorite. I picked up 2 tiny little humming bird feeders at the dollarstore earlier this year and stuck one in here. The birds really love these and I am filling every few days.

They all have filled out so much. These were the 2 old deck boxes made out of slabs that HB made for me years ago when Jill was a baby, so that she would not fall through the bottom crack. They have rotted over the years and I thought I would have lost them this year. HB did some patch work and they are as good as new, but with the old rustic look that I am looking for. The only problem this year is that my shrubs are getting to high. (I never had my bleeding heart grow so big) I am already making changes for next year to move some of the bigger stuff around, and to take pieces off and stick them other places.

This is my odd window box. It is located on the side of the house off of a tiny window. I use this window in the winter to hang a large bird feeder from and a humming bird feeder in the Summer. I bought this window box in a yard sale for $2 a few years ago and stuck it here. I use my left overs every year to fill it. But it always seems to turn out really nice, no matter what I put in it.

Remember back this Spring when I was so excited to get out planting and adding a new bed to the front of the house after planting some petunias into the ground and adding a new bird bath,and Hb adding a fence to keep the dogs out of laying in it.  they looked so skimpy (In better words)  I thought they would never amount to anything.


They have grown so much! The Golden Glow that was in there also grew too!

My love for flowers goes a little further, as Jill has taken more of a green thumb this as well. All my children have always loved to work in the garden. From a very young age. They have all love to plant in the green house and help water daily and transplant. They all grow there own veggies,and the girls love flowers. But this year I noticed that Jill wants a little more as well. She has been by my side gardening from the time she was only a year old in the green house in her stroller, till now.
This year she planted a lot of plants and decided to start her own garden at the back of the house.
She has done very well for her first year, and I am sure she will expand more in the years to come.
These little stools were something I picked up in the "big garbage" on the side of the road. I had no idea what I would do with them, but just loves them. Jill knew what to use them for.She has also added her patio tomato   here as well.
She had planted more shrubs and a Mum  that was given to my Mother from a cousin while in the hospital. She dug out my old faries and placed them there too. She has the eye for this stuff.

Walking past here everyday to put Laundry on the line makes me smile. She reminds me so much of myself.


  1. Beautiful flowers. My oldest daughter loves to work with the flowers. I prefer more the vegetable garden.

    Jill did a great job on her garden. Have a great day with your family.


  2. Happy Birthday!! I bet the flowers from your kiddos made it so much sweeter. Your flower beds and window boxes look amazing!! Jill's garden looks great also! I really like those benches that you found.

    I hope you have had a nice day.


    P.S. I am so happy that you found my blog :)

  3. Just Beautiful! I always enjoy seeing all the pictures you take of around your beautiful home.