Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Fishing We Will Go

The sun is out finally after a few days of cloud and rain showers. We are expecting a high of 25 today with 29 with the humidity.
I filled the line with laundry this morning as I have had so much catching up to do with it,as the weather was not in our favor.
Monday evening Hb and Justin went fishing trout. Fishing is Justin's favorite thing to do. From the time he was very little he always loved to fish. He can spend hours at it. So when Justin gets the chance he's gone. Yesterday for Dinner he decided he was going to cook up his fish. He filled them with butter and onions,salt and pepper and wrapped them in foil. Took them out to the BarBQue and cooked them up. He enjoyed them!
Here are the trout he cooked for lunch.
He froze the rest in bags with water.
Last evening Justin was asked once again to go fishing. This time to fish off the beach with a  next door neighbour, in town for mackerel. Of course he was ready in a flash and was off.
They go back around 11 and Justin caught around 30.
I will do these up today for winter and keep a few out to cook up.
I guess they are suppose to go back this morning around 10 again, as they go with the tides. If all else fails we will eat fish all winter.

HB is off for tomorrow and thus making it a long weekend for him. Monday is our Provincial holiday but HB will be back then. We were suppose to go away on vacation this weekend but my Mom needs me to take her to a appointment tomorrow and Justin was asked to work for the  for the neighbour weekend tearing down a deck. (Justin is saving his money for a Skidoo and is working three different summer jobs to get the money for it) Maybe he should be selling fish?  So our Summer Vacation will have till wait for a couple more weekends till HB is off again.
We are hoping to get a good chunk of hay made this weekend.
Well my hummingbird food is boiling on the stove, so I must go for now. Take care and I wish you all a great day!


  1. Oh, those look so good. Our girls haven't caught anything this year. Have a great weekend with your family.


  2. Just caught some yummy looking fish! We especially like trout.

    Have a great weekend.