Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Road Trip

On Saturday afternoon HB came home from cutting the fields,and the temps were high in the 30's. He asked if we would like to go on a little road trip to friends of ours about 2 hours away, as he had to drop off a few things and pick up some stuff with the truck.
We were all pretty excited as it had been awhile since we did any trips together with the whole family since my Mother had gotten sick.( I always had to stay behind) So we packed up the cooler and headed out.
Jill decided to sit up front with Jerry and I while the other 2 sat in the back.
We were all pretty cozy. Jill loves her pick sunglasses.
 Jayne loves her Doritos chips.

Justin  sang most of the way.
Then after eating of that junk they all settled down and had so good games on their DS's.
I read a bit and talked to HB.
We had a really nice visit at our friends. They Dan always had the neatest stuff there. He is a big antique collector,and is always building new building to house his stuff in. We enjoy seeing whats new every time we get to go. Ann had a lovely bread that I got the recipe for and will share later this week.
After a little while we were back on the road again. Before leaving the city Dad promised the weeones a trip to DQ(dairy queen) for a treat.
Can you guess what color slushies the girls got?

We decided to take the old mine road home,which runs right through the middle of nowhere in the woods. It was so nice. We saw foxes,rabbits,and this deer.
It was so calm and tame it almost came right up to the truck.
After half way through we came across the spring falls where everyone comes to get good drinking spring water. We stopped so that the weeones could fill their bottles.

After playing in the water for a bit and cooling down , we drove a bit more.
We stopped one more time and the weeones ran around and burned off some of that sugar.

We headed on our way and came out at my in-laws for another visit. My mother in law is a green thumb as well,so we had a lovely visit and tour of the gardens. 
Jill went to her pond looking for her pet fish.

The girls loved playing in the flowers
Nanny's dog Willy was very happy to see everyone as well.

All in all we had another nice visit. The flowers are beautiful 

She even has a good sense of humor. 

We headed out towards home with the sun coming down and a truck full of tired weeoens. What a great day!


  1. What a great trip. I love having road trips like that as a family. I bet the spring water was nice and cold.

    Have a great day with your family.


  2. Looks like such great family fun! Your mother in law's flowers are beautiful!

  3. How fun!! I would of loved to see what antiques your friend had in his shops :) What a great day you had with your family !
    Cary ann