Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am doing my post this morning very early and from the halls of a hotel. Yes, I am on Jayne's grade 5 trip. Throughout the night we all take a shift to sit in the hallway for one hour and make sure everyone is alight. My shift happened to be from 4 to 5. Which is fine with me as that is my normal time I usually ge up anyways. So far our trip has been great. Left with no problems and had great weather so far. We never stopped to long. So the kiddies were all pretty tied at 11 last night, as we're the adults. First stop was Lunch at burger king. The staff there was great giving us all a 15percent off our meal and treating us to baby soft ice cream cones as well. Then we were off to the old government house which is still used today. Back onto the bus and over to clay cafe for a couple hours of doing some pottery. Then we walked up 5 blocks to science east where we were in for some great science facts and a tour. ( the science east building use to be the old city jail) so the basement has been left that way and still has the jail cells. Back on the bus to our next stop that was the university. UNB is a great university to go to and is very state of the art. Supper at the food court at the mall,then a couple hours of shopping that went by way to fast. We ended our shopping trip with a trip into Chapters book store where every grade 5 student was given $10 for a book. We headed off to our hotel, where we settled in and the excited kiddies went for a dip in the pool. Showered and into PJ's it was time to meet in the conference center for milk and cookies and a bedtime story. 11 o clock lights out. Today is suppose to be anton hot day and we have lots to do before we he'd home.


  1. Such a fun time! I hope you have another wonderful day!!


  2. Sounds like a great trip. Hope you have fun today as well.


  3. Sounds like everyone is having a great time. Enjoy your day and God bless.