Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday life

The weather this week has been great. We are holding at mid 20's all week long,except for Tuesday when it got to 30. (Jill had her field trip to the pool and lunch in the park that day and I went along as well it was a wonderful day)
It rained last evening and throughout the night which was good because my garden so needed it. There is no rain in the forcast for next 7 days so far
Jayne and I are going on her overnight field trip the capital city on Monday and Tuesday and we are so looking forward to it. (the weather is suppose to be in the high 20's then as well)
She has begun packing and is getting super excited.

She got wonderful news yesterday as the grade 5's went to the middle school for a tour and when they returned to the school they were told which team they would be in for the Fall. She got the team she wanted BLUE!!!! Which means a whole lot of field trips away and a whole lot of overnight trips,which means a whole lot of fund raising as well. They base the three years of middle school on these trips and use these trips to do their school work.

As for my Mother she is still not out of the woods yet but she is holding her own and is not ready to give without a fight. She sure is the strongest person I know. Her heart is very week and the Doctors met with me  and my Dad on Tuesday evening and explained it all to us.
The children are getting excited that next week is the last week of school. I am getting excited as well and I can see they are beginning to get tired of it. Thursday is a last day and it is a full day for them. (this is the first time the school's have done this as the last day was always on Friday's and it was only a half day)

The garden is coming well, and I am still on top of the weeds. As far no more slugs in the garden. Just a pet snake who comes out to visit every now and then. Jill has named him "Nofeet" like the TV show Little bear.

I have downloaded a few new great magazines on to my IPad to take away on the bus trip, and I am keeping myself busy so that I don't read them before I go. (very tempting)

We received 2 new roosters from a farmer. We had lost ours throughout the winter months and I have so missed the morning crows. HB trimmed their wings so they could not fly away,and put them in the sheep barn to roam freely and hang out in the rafters. Well the next morning they were gone. We thought they were gone for good until this morning I heard them crow over at the sawmill. I was happy to see they are still on the farm.

My new hens have begun to lay and we are getting a abundance of eggs of many colors daily. I am going to have to make a couple of batches of pickled eggs before I go away.

The pool is just about full and over the weekend we will turn it on and begin to add our  chemicals to it. We had to drain it this year as we had a hard time with the water last year.

Shearing is on the agenda for the weekend as well as moving the camping trailer out to the front of the house so we can do a bit of work to it before heading out with it Monday the 25th. We are parking it at
 Mount Carleton Provincial Park
It is a wonderful nature park that is protected. Please if you do get a chance google it and see for yourself it is amazing.
We are getting super super excited and I have been filling the cupboards with camping goodies for a while now and the whole family can't wait.

Well that is pretty much the highlights of the past few days and I need to jump into the tub and wash after being out in the yard most of the morning. I am picking the girls up after school today and Jayne has a hair appointment.

Have a great day and I hope the sun is shining where you are too.


  1. Hi, Jessica, I will continue to pray for your mom. I hope she is resting well.

    I am glad your weather has been great and is cooperating for end of the year field trips. I hope you and Jayne have a wonderful time on your trip!

    We have a couple of roosters and have gotten used to their crowing. It took a while. :) I am glad your roosters didn't go missing and you are getting lots of eggs!

    Your camping trip sounds like so much fun!

    Have a great evening.


  2. I hope you have a great time on your field trip. I looked up the Park where you will be camping. It looks like great fun. I'm glad your garden is doing good and that the slugs are staying away. Enjoy your day and God bless.