Friday, June 22, 2012

Ok, Let's Back Up A Bit

Super exciting news!!! I got my camera to download on the computer again. So I have so much to share with you. I decided to make this post into 2 parts.
Let's go back to May. Mother's Day 
Remember I had a wonderful day well here are my pics that went along with my post. 
 Here is that cute little fridge magnet that Jayne made me of me. Her hair looks a  whole lot better then mine did. (talk about bed head)
Look at this wonderful card I received as well. 

The weather here has been so Summery. Very hot temps. The day Jillian had here field trip to the pool was one of those days. After the public pool,which I was lucky enough to attend we headed over to the park where we had lunch in the grass and a afternoon of playing. 
 Here is Jill and her best friend enjoying a cool treat that one of the Mom's brought along.

Last Sunday was Father's Day. I asked HB what he would like for Father's day as did the weeones. His response was very simple. "I want to go fishing with my family"
So here we go. That is what we did. We went to a new spot that we had heard about.

 Justin could not wait to drop a line.
 He caught the only fish in that whole pond I think.
All that hard work makes for a thirsty fisherman.
 Time for a picnic lunch. My families favorite meal.

After only Justin catching a fish in that pond we decided to continue on our journey. We did the loop and ended up at our famous no tell pond.
 The water was very high.
 The fish were biting.
 Jill fell in and Jayne got her hook caught on a branch. All in all I think Dad enjoyed himself very much.

Monday Jayne and I headed off for Fredericton. Two days of jam packed fun and run.

Jayne was settled in as we were getting ready to leave the school.(see the school's name on the school in the back ground I really like that) I think I might use that pic as some kind of leaving elementary school scrap book page. 

Here's at pic at Burger King after lunch in the big capital city. After having lunch at Burger King we headed out on our 2 day adventure. Tomorrow I will back to post more pics of Fredericton's grade 5 field trip. 

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  1. Hi, Jessica! You guys had a great Mother's Day and Father's Day at your house! Quentin went fishing with his dad and Quentin Jr. on Father's Day. :)

    Sounds like Jayne had a wonderful trip. Looks like you had a really nice group of kids.

    Have a wonderful weekend.