Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Tuesday Evening Stroll

After a rainy day and a whole lot of cleaning indoors, I decided to take a little evening stroll around the barn yard Tuesday evening. HB had to work at the pond as my fountain head fell off again, so while he did that I walked around.

Jill was running around chasing Justin on the lawn
 Jill loves to be silly.
Jayne was out inspecting Dad's work.(take notice of the railing in the back of her falling down. It was to heavy from my baskets. So HB has yet another job ahead of him)
HB got the fountain working again. (Thanks Hun)

Hi Brew, coming for a walk?
 Molly came for a walk as well.

First stop was over to sit awhile with the ducks. (I could spend hours sitting and laughing at the Indian runners)
 Next to see the horses at the paddock.
 Hi Charlotte, how have you been? I think you need a BATH.....
The side window box is finally filling out nicely. A little dead heading as I walked by.
 HB moved over from the pond to the tractor to get the equipment hooked up for the morning to go to the field.
There you have it. A wonderful evening I would not change it for anything. Even all the smells of the animals.


  1. What a fun evening. Thanks for sharing your stroll with us. God bless.

  2. I think Jill was having lots of fun! I love all your animals, especially your horses.

    Hope you all are having a great week!


  3. Thank you so much for taking us along on your stroll. I love the pictures of the animals. Looks like your kiddos are having a fun time. :) What a beautiful life!