Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday In Our Neck Of The Woods

The weather is just getting warm, but the winds are keeping everything from getting to hot. Except for my annuals which I seem to be watering so very much. (They are coming along so nice if I can keep the wind from burning them.
 This one is my favorite I loved how they spread over the old rocking chair. A lady came today to buy some yarn from me and just fell in love with it as well.(Made me feel real good)

 HB's window planters stood up the harsh winter.
 all Jayne's pansies grew well in the green house this year.
 the urns are finally filling
The front yard is finally taking shape

Yesterday HB and I celabrated our 13th anniversay. (Yes I was married the day after my Birthday, for a couple of reasons. First being that it was my great grandmothers birthday and 2nd being my HB will never have a excuse to forget hehe!) We did not do anything special as HB is working nights right at the moment and it is like a zoo around here with so much going on, but we promised each other that once everything slows down we will do something special.

Yesterday I did the usual clean, tidy up and do some barn work.Even got a batch of oatmeal cookies made up.

They must have been good cause there is none left now.

Today I got up early and did my barn work before the heat hit. I even burnt the garbage in both stoves as the house was chilly.
I worked in the garden and then moved with my cup of coffee to the front yard and worked in my flowers till the weeones crawled out of bed. I made scrambled eggs,toast, and yogurt for breakfast. Justin packed as he was going on a all day fishing trip with the farmer over the road. I made him a lunch to take with him,with a few oatmeal cookies and he was off. The girls and I cleaned up and got ready to go into the town to do a bit of girly shopping. We went to the salvation army store, the country gift shop,and the supermarket. I bought a new sign for my living room wall and a berry sprag with little metal stars in it. I also picked up a battery operated candle to make a little craft I was thinking about making. Jill bought her dolls a tea set for .25 cents at the thrift store and Jayne bought a board game. We picked up some bananas at the supermarket and headed back home to make supper before HB went to work.
I did a bit of crafting and then had a lovely visit with the lady who came to buy yarn. We had pork chops in cream of mushroom soup, rice, and honey garlic noodles. and I used up the rest of the sausage buns to make garlic cheese bread. (Which reminds me tomorrow is bread making day again.) I don't know but I think all my family does lately is eat. It must be all the swimming in the pool making them so hungry.
I watered all the animals and gave them their grain for the night. I watered my plants and the girls went for another swim before coming in for the night. I just have to go and put the ducks in, and then it PJ time for me. I think I will crochet a bit before bed. While I wait for Justin to get home. His supper is in the fridge waiting for him. I hope he gets some trout as he loves them and works so hard to get them.
Mom was told tonight that she will be moving out of ICU as soon as there is a bed on the floor ready for her. She was happy about that, as were we.
Tomorrow besides making bread,I think I will try to get the bedding all washed and on the line. I love the smell of a fresh bed. (I sleep so much better)


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! All of your flowers are just beautiful! I think I am in love with the flowers and the rocking chair too. Your oatmeal cookies look delicious! Mine are always so flat. Your meals sound yummy and fresh bread does too!

    Have a great Thursday.


  2. Your flowers are beautiful!! Your cookies look great. I have never tried rolling them out. They look nice and thick. I, too, love the smell of clothes dried on the line. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. It's me again. I was wondering if you would share your oatmeal cookie recipe? Thanks and God bless.

  4. My goodness your porch is so lovely, bursting with color and all the healthy little flowers! My Kansas pots look much rougher! And what a wonderful day you had. A nice coincidence: I also washed and put all the bedding on the line this past week. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your nice comments on my blog.