Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Tib bits

Yesterday we decided to get a little cleaning done in the girls rooms until the yard dried up a bit after the night shower we had.
We took the rooms apart and gave everything a good washing. We made a goodwill box,and Jayne changed around a few things in her room and put a bug in my ear of some new things she was wanting in her room.
I made up a meatloaf for supper and made a big pan of fried rice to go with it,along with some yellow beans. We got everything done and just sat down to eat when HB got home from work.
After supper HB took off to the field right away to cut,and Justin went to cut a lawn for a new girl that moved into a friends place down the road for a year. (she is a nurse and is renting as our friend moved out west for a year with her boyfriend)
Justin also has work for the next week or so starting today on the next road for the raspberry farmer. Justin never stops to long. (Just like Dad)
Today I was up early and seen HB off. Let the ducks out and fed them along with the hens.I put bread and rolls on to rise. Did a couple loads of laundry and made pancakes for breakfast(as Justin requested them this morning)
It is a cool morning out and there was no dew at all this morning. To bad HB was working because he would have been able to go to the field early and cut this morning.
I need to pick the rest of the first crop of radishes today and make some relish and pickled radishes, before they get to big.
My kitchen floor is in much need of a good washing as well. It should have been done early this week but I hit my knee cap on the stairs in the pool Sunday night and it has been bothering me a lot. I have been having a hard time bending down the last few days and today is the first day it is not bothering me. So I can get down and scrub.
I took out some cut up chicken and a bottle of BBQ sauce out of the freezer to have for supper with some potatoes and a green salad.
Jill has been after me to help her make up a pan of brownies. If we get everything done I think I will try to make some for desert to have with ice cream.
Well I better get off the computer if I am going to get these floors done.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Hi, Jessica, sounds like you got a lot done! I bet you are glad to have your girl's rooms all cleaned out. They sure can collect a lot of stuff! Your meals always sound so good. We had pancakes for supper last night. I have never been good at baking bread but started some sour dough starter this morning. I have never had pickled radishes before. We are making dill pickles this evening. So glad your knee is better! Quentin is making chicken wings tonight-some with barbecue sauce and frying squash and green tomatoes. Brownies with ice cream sound yummy!

    Have a great evening.


  2. I'm glad your knee is feeling better. Your suppers sound so good. Take care and God bless.