Monday, June 17, 2013

Catch Up Time

It has been very busy around here the last week.  We were on pins and needles waiting for my Mom to have her biopsy done to see what was going on. Monday went into Tuesday and then they decided on Wednesday morning.

Well after sitting with her all Wednesday morning they finally got things in motion and she went.

Ok let's back up for a minute..... Wednesday morning was a early  one. It is the morning that Jayne left to go on her year end trip 12 hours away to Ottawa Ontario. She was leaving for 5 days and it has been very hectic, around here trying to get her ready.

She did get off and running but not before a mix up with the tour bus company and left 2 hours late.
We hooked up the cell phone so she could text me and call me. I received all kinds of texts and pictures of her trip on the way there.

From beautiful parks, to farms, to funny pictures from drinking to many slushies.

After getting lost in both Montreal, and Ottawa they finally arrived safe.
She had a fantastic week, of museums, parks, water parks, malls, parliament and water locks.
She arrived Sunday evening at 8 back home safe and sound, tired and excited.....

Back to moms Wednesday well things did not go to good. After the biopsy they were unable to stop the bleeding.

I had to leave and take Jillian to her end of year play at school. "Clowns"
This was a amazing play, and I have learned never to underestimate the talents of young children....

It finished at 8 and we picked up my Dad at the hospital on the way home. We just arrived back home and pulled up the lane and my cell phone rang. It was the nurse wanting us to come back as they had to call in the doctor, and surgeon. The surgeon was finally able to get the bleeding stopped but, they had a long talk with us. It seems that my Mothers gallbladder is full of tumours, and she is unable to have her gallbladder removed like a normal person as her heart could not undergo the operation. The tumours  look to be on the liver and pancreas as well. This was all seen through the ct scan but we will need to wait a couple of weeks for the proof from the biopsy. We have not told my mother anything we do not want to upset her. She is in a lot of pain now, and we are trying to make her as comfortable as possible. The Doctors do not usually say to much before they have proof but they seen it all and they are so big. My Mother would not be a candidate for chemo, she could travel 2 hours and try but they do not think the doctors there would do it. As she is to weak.
So we pray, and keep praying for now.........

Friday I went with Jill on her end of year trip to the Acadian Village. It is a village set up from the 1800's. it was about a hour school bus ride there and the weather was beautiful. They lived back then in such a peaceful way. I really do think I was born in the Wrong century.

Friday evening was so warm and beautiful that we decided to escape to the trailer for the night. They guys have been wanting to take the boat out on the lake. BUT..... Of course before we arrived it began to rain and it rained all night. But one good thing is that I Finally had a good nights sleep.
Jayne missed the trailer and we missed having her there. I promised the girls we would go back this weekend if all goes well.

We came home Saturday afternoon and worked till dark on planting the garden. We managed but got eaten alive from all the flies.

Sunday morning I was up early as I could here the wind. I made Jill and Justin breakfast and put a pork roast smothered in marmalade in the oven on low and then headed outdoors to work in my flower beds, and finished up my garden. I moved all the veggies out of the green house and info the ground. The kitchen garden is finally done,along with the herb garden. I cleaned out the chicken coop, moved the geese out of the barn pen, went to the neighbour farmers barn to pick up 6 more egg layer he had for me. I mowed the lawns, and moved the meat kings out to the front coop.

We came in washed up and made supper. After supper cleaned up and went to go get Jayne.

We all were in bed before 10.


  1. I am sorry to hear this about your mother. I will keep her in my prayers. You asked about the grapes. We do make grape jelly and we make grape juice using the steam juicer. When we bought these grapevines we thought we were getting the purple concord grapes but they are green concord. They are delicious and actually taste sweeter than the purple ones. It was a good mistake. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Hi, Jessica! I am glad your kids are enjoying their end of the school year trips. Sounds like so much fun! We are ordering Kosher King meat birds next month. I wonder if your meat kings are the same thing. I hate to hear that about your mom. I will be praying her.


  3. I think they Re the same kind of birds Vicki thank you for you prayers