Thursday, June 27, 2013


It was a very cool day here yesterday. It only reached a high of 10 degrees. You needed a heavy sweater to do anything outdoors. But amazingly it did not stop the flies from being out biting.

I got a little bit of clean up done in the house, but I am no where near finished. I like to leave the house clean when we go away so we come back to a clean home.

Mom had a terrible day yesterday and I spent most of it there. The girls and Justin heated up the leftovers in the fridge for their lunch.

I got back to the house around 2, and I was pretty tired, and not to mention sore. I did a lot of  wiper sniping Tuesday night and I find our weed eater very heavy. My arm is still sore. But I managed to get the yard looking pretty good if I say so my self.
I went and payed down for a hour, and then ran to pick up my Dad.

We had a kinda different supper. Very greasy. But a treat.
Cherry chicken balls, onion rings, and egg rolls. ( Which was the last of them in the freezer) the kiddies ate up the rhurbarb roll that was left in the pan as well.

Jill and I took the four wheeler and went back to the fields where the potatoes are planted.we planted another very long row of corn, and beets, and turnips, before the flies chased us out. On our way home we stopped along the brook to see if there were any jack n pulpits. We found just one, we are a little late as I found a couple that had died off. Jill took it to my Mom as she loves them.

I picked a bouquet of wild flowers for the kitchen table of daisys, buttercups, and theses little sweet honey tasting purple flowers. They looked pretty. ( I am not sure if the picture I took with my ipad will work on my blog, but I'll post it and let me know)

Hubby took apart a few round bales of hay and put them through the square baler to make me some square bales for Cinnie Belle as she is in a stall by her self now and does not get to eat from the round bales like the rest. I was out of square bales.
We were just finishing up and Justin was just putting the last of them into the barn for me when Hubby's cousin pulled in with a truck load for me. To funny. We all laughed and work to unload these as well and put them with the rest. He had been over the night before and heard me say that I was on my last bale. So he suprized me with a load. I thanked him and sent him off with a rhurbarb roll.

I did not get a chance to get into town to do some shopping as of yet. Another reason for the different supper. If I can get away today and if Mom is not that bad then we should be able to run for the things we need.

We added a little more water to the pool again yesterday and there is over a foot now.

I managed to cut up another 12 cups of rhurbarb at Moms and cooked it before heading off to bed last night.

We are expecting a lot of rain over the next few days, well it is raining now and it started about a hour ago. So I have been trying to plan a little family road trip for Saturday. If it is raining we will not have to much fun at the trailer. I was thinking we still could go up there Friday night and sleep there. Then Saturday morning take off early and go over to Edmudston and go to the farmers market, the mall, and have a picnic lunch( in the rain) and what ever else we might find to do. Then before heading back to the trailer for the night have a family supper at Boston Pizza over there. BUT....that is if Mom is alright Friday afternoon. If not we will just stay put and head up next weekend.

Well I'm off to fix breakfast foe the kiddies before heading to Moms have a great day everyone.


  1. I pray your mom is feeling better. Your weekend sounds like fun. So funny about the bales of hay. I hope you have a great weekend and God bless.

  2. Hi, Jessica! Biting flies do not sound like fun. I hope they have died back some. Your bouquet sounds so pretty(your pic didn't show up). At least you have plenty of square bales now-haha!

    I hope your weekend turned out great.