Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Long Holiday Weekend

This past weekend was a long weekend, but it sure went by fast.

Last Thursday we were finally able to get into town and get some groceries. It was 5 when we left and the general store is open to 8 on Thursday night.(thankfully) we got our pantry, fridge,and freezer.stocked up again. For another month.
Friday it continued to rain and the temps stayed cold, making everything so damp. I had to run my Dad into town to do his erens and it ended up being another late evening on the road for me.

Saturday the kids and I took a road trip. Hubby had a big last minute sawmill job for a company in town who wanted some planks and were sending a worker over to give him a hand. So no Hubby on this trip. :(
But the kids and I left around 830 and stopped at a subway for breakfast and drove 3 hours into Quebec to a small farming town that has a big co op store. We got a few things. The girls got new horse tack, Justin got a new axe, and I got 4 perennial plants at 50% off, lamb nipples that screw on to pop bottles, and a new chicken waterer.
I wanted to find out the feed prices but it is a french community and nobody could understand us.

We drove about another 1/2 hour and stopped at a very nice park. We had a picnic lunch I had packed of triple decker subs, chocolate chip cookies, lemonade, chips, and chocolate peanut butter squares.

The kids climbed the lookout tour that over looks the lake.

They jumped aboard the floating dock, and seen a crane,and a Mamma duck with all her ducklings.

We headed back to Amqui where the co op is and found a hart store.( it is a department store) the girls bought themselves a monster animal that talks and I bought new burner covers for my stove.

The rain had tapered off and it made it to 17 degrees, we headed home and had a good drive. We stopped at the mall outside our town and the girls did a bit more shopping. I went to the dollar store there and got myself my load of cheese cloth to last me out the next few months again. I also picked up a few other little kitchen goodies. Gotta love the Dollar store. :)

We took the old road home and made one stop by a old friends home by the bay. There was no one home but the cars were. There boat was gone so they were parobly out over on the island. I left a little note between the door and they called Sunday morning. They were gone on there boat and were so sad that they missed us. :(

Sunday morning I tried to sleep in. But no luck. The weather had changed. The sun was shinning and the air felt warm. We had brunch in the back porch, and we cleaned the house. I put laundry out of the line for the first time in weeks. I washed my floors for the first time in weeks. (The wet weather made it impossible to wash floors)
We worked outdoors in the garden. It was beautiful. Hubby had to work for a livestock buyer  little ways away to do some micanical work. Then when he got back someone else showed up to get something fixed. He finally met me on the front porch with a glass of lime juice. We sat and enjoyed it and decided to go to the trailer as the weather was perfect and they were having Canada Day Activities for the children on Monday. It did not take us long to pack the cooler, the tub of cloths, and load the truck. We stopped at the take out canteen and picked up something for supper to eat o. The way.
We had a great night. Justin went fishing, and the girls and Jerry took the boat out.

I went for a walk with Frannie.

We had a camp fire with marshmellows, and chips, and went to bed around 11.

Monday the girls went and did a cute little craft, for the Canada Day activities. They made finger puppet rings.

They all went back out in the boat again, and Frannie and I went for a long walk around the park and then sat Blythe lake and enjoyed the sweet nothing's........ It felt great.

After lunch we packed up and headed back home around 2 . We got home and Hubby worked on the pool deck while I planted annuals that my Mother in law dropped off that afternoon. She cleaned out her green house and brought me all she had left. She also picked the rest of her rhurbarb patch and brought me that too. A big box full.

We worked outdoors till 8 and had sausages,hotdogs,and fries when we came in. We all went to bed around 10 and the weather forecast is looking up for the week. High 20's to mid 30's with no rain in the forecasts. I hope you all have a great week.

BTW I have posted my flower picture again, as it did not work on my last post. Thanks Vicki for letting me know.

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  1. Hi, Jessica! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend! It all sounds so fun, and your girls' finger puppets are so cute! I love your flower bouquet. :)

    Hope you are having a great week.