Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hot and Humidity Is Not A Good Thing If Your A Sheep

Over the past few weeks we have had a lot of high temps well over 30 degrees without the humidity. For this part of the country that is very hot. We have seen a lot of 40 degrees day after day with the humidity.
Having getting up early and making sure everyone's water bowls are filled with cold fresh water, and keeping the horses in there paddock with the shelter rather then being out in the fields has helped them  cope. 
However this has not been the case for a couple of my sheep.
Lily the lamb that you might remember that was born on Easter Saturday.

We found Lily  a week ago lying flat out in the entry way of the side paddock. At first it appeared that she was dead. I ran to her and picked her up. She was still alive but seemed very week. After she got her bearings straight, she began to walk again.i brought her to the water bowl and cupped with my hand water and put it in her mouth. I yelled for the kids to bring my out a large syringe and the sugar and water mixture in the fridge. ( I keep this as hummingbird food) 
I gave her some and she seemed to be doing better. I have her later that evening another shot of the vitamin E, and another shot of dewormer just to be on the safe side. (Although I had just did shots to my livestock a month ago)
For the next few days we kept a close eye on Lilly, making sure she got plenty of water. It has been day by day, but she is still eating both hay, and grass.
2 days ago, I found my Ram Merlot slowing down, not eating and moving around much. I gave him a few shots, and hoped for the best like Lily. Sheep are very tricking to raise, especially lambs. ( I once heard a blogger say that lambs are born looking for a way to die) I so believe this. This morning I found a interesting article on the Internet of a farmer using cidar vinigar as a medicine for her sheep with the same as mine. I drenched my 2 sheep with a mixture of 1/1 of cider vinigar and water. I also gave them a little by mouth. I also added some to everyone's water bowl. This should help with selenium.

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  1. I'm glad your sheep are doing better. I hope they continue to improve and that the cider vinegar helps. Vinegar is good for so many things. Enjoy your day and God bless.