Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Working Man

.... This post is from Thursday morning..... I have not got around to post it..... I apologize as there has been a lot of goings on this week here....
But I besides to go ahead a post it anyways.....

We are finally getting some nice summer weather. It has been a beautiful week so far. The heat really does feel good, and I can see the difference in my garden already.
We just have to add the chorinine today to the pool a d turn on the pump, after spending a week draining it, cleaning it,and refilling it from our own well a little at a time.
The girls have been living in there as it fills. Burrrrrr......

This morning is Justin's first day of work at his new summer job. We starting to get a little worried as he turned down a few jobs and waited for this one. It is about 2 weeks behind in getting his call. But he has had other work as a hired hand for the farmer over the road in the meantime. the guy that has the roofing company is suppose to pick him up in a half hour and it is kinda sad for me to see my little man growing up.

I was up early with Hubby and made both of them a good old hearty breakfast of bacon,eggs,and toast. Packed 2 lunch boxes, filled the ice water jugs, and made sure their cloths were ready. Sob...sob.....:(

Ok I'm alright now.....

Yesterday I took the girls into town in the afternoon to go to the library. Last week we stopped by and signed up for the summer reading program, and got Julys calendar of activities and seen there was a craft of making a disco ball and it was the girls age group. So they got to go. I got to sit in the big comfy chairs for a hour and read gardening magazines. Very relaxing.....
After they were done we all went and found some books to check out.
I got these 2 and have had my nose in them ever since.

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  1. So sad to have your little boy going off to work! On the other hand it shows he is responsible, and you have done a good job raising him. I hope Justin is enjoying his new job. Your evening at the library sounds nice and relaxing. I need to take time to read more this week!