Sunday, July 21, 2013

End Of Week

Thursday my Mom got out of the hospital once again. We hope this time it will be for awhile, and nothing goes wrong. She was only released after 4 which was kinda better for me as I still had my day to get some house work done here, and my Dad did not have to loose any time at work.
Thursday evening after Mom was settled in Hubby and I went out to supper with our friends to a local hotels resturant. We always enjoyed the food there, but this time I must say I was disappointed. The service was not the best and it was very slow. My friend and I wanted to order mussels ( as they always have the best mussels) but they had none. Then I ordered the fettuccini Alfredo seafood ( my favorite) but it was so small,and it did not taste the greatest. My friend ordered fried clams and they were not cooked. To bad as it really was a big disappointment. :(

Friday I was back to looking after my Mom again. So it was a back and forth day all day till 2. She sleeps in the afternoon till my Dad gets home. So the girls and I headed to the general store to do our grocery order, I also had special ordered a few baking ingredients that were in for pick up. It is hard to get bulk items where I live. The store owner is very good to me and can order items in for me. I got  2 huge 2 KG bags of chocolate chips for 7.99 a bag, and 4 large tubs of Chriso shortening for 5.40 each. I am starting my fall stocking a little early as it is a lot of money to pick up all at once.
We also picked up our regular items as well. We picked up a pizza and came home for the evening.

Saturday morning Hubby and I worked on cleaning out the fish pond I the front of the house. The geese and ducks have made such a mess, it was time to fix the problem. We drained the pond and cleaned it. Hubby made a nice little fence around and so far they have been turned away and head back to the other big pond instead.

My clematis is finally blomming for the first time. It is 2 years now. Please excuse my tyveck papered walls the cedar singles should be going on the new addition very soon....

Saturday after lunch Hubby headed to the field to cut hay, while we did a whole lot of yard work. We had BBQ hamburgers for supper and then I cut the lawns. Then we had a heavy shower that latest about 20 mins with high winds.

This morning I  slept in to 9, it felt great there was a nice breeze blowing in last night which made sleeping great.
We had cheese sausages on the grill and had breakfast outside. Hubby and I did more yard work and the kiddies went for a swim. I finished the lawns and did my wipersniping around the fence posts and rocks.
I think the yard is looking so much better now with every cut.

My flowers are coming but I don't find they are as full as they usually are in past years.

I weeded the kitchen garden, and Hubby moved a lot of his tools and benches to the other side of his garage. The kiddies swam again..
We had sweet potatoes fries with homemade sauce for supper.

As for the weather we are still in need of some rain, we have not had very much and we are expecting the hot humidity weather to stick around for another week.


  1. Hi, Jessica, so glad to hear your mom got to come home. Sorry to hear about your restaurant experience. I think it is hard to get good service anywhere anymore. We don't eat out very often, and it is very disappointing when the service is bad. Your pond and fence look great. I love the picture of your house. It always looks so inviting!

    Hope you have a great week.


  2. I am glad your mom is home and praying all goes well with her. I loved the picture of your home. It looks so nice. I know what you mean about the tyvek. We had a similar siding on our new room for about a year before the actual siding got put on. Enjoy your day and God bless.