Monday, July 15, 2013

Catch up

Our weather here has been unbelilievable. We have had hot humidity weather for over a week now. We never had a nice Summer like this is a long time. We do however need rain. My gardens are all coming nice. The Kitchen garden is growing beautiful as well as the potatoe fields.  The corn and beets gardens are coming a little behind but are making their way.

Last Sunday we had to call for a ambulance for Mom as she was not doing well. She became dehydrated and she ended up with a infection in her bowl. She is having a hard go. I had to meet with the Dr. On Thursday night at his office at 6, as he had sent her for another CT scan. We went over a lot as he is heading out on vacation for 2 weeks and wanted to make sure everything was in order before leaving.
We continue to pray for Mom.

Tuesday was my 36 th Birthday. The girls made me cards and picked me Malva. I spent most of my day at the hospital as mom was not doing well that day, Hubby worked late, and Justn worked as well.

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary.

The kiddies lived in the pool all week, Hubby made a homemade pool heater from a wood stove and some copper pipe. It seems to work but it does make smoke.

After finding out that Mom's condition was stable for the meantime and she was feeling a little bit better, and that Hubby was able to get Friday off we decided to go the trailer for the weekend. Justin was going to get a drive up after work with other friends that we knew were coming up for the weekend as well. But Friday morning at 6 when he called to see if there was any work for the day, the boss told him nope, so he was able to come along as well.
We had friends that went there on Wednesday with their trailer but due to the situation with Mom we did not think we were going to be able to join them. We arrived Friday afternoon, and enjoyed a lovely night, good food, and lots of laughs around the campfire.

We came home early yesterday so the kiddies could enjoy the pool, it was just way to hot. We were all in a few times throughout the day. Hubby has began hay making and was very hot when he got back last night, so he enjoyed it as well.

Today is yet another hot one temps reaching 40 degrees with the humidity. I know where the kiddies will be. Justin tried to call work but could not reach anyone. So he too will be in the pool today.


  1. Hi, Jessica! My son wants it to feel like summer so badly that he can't stand it. I am glad your garden is doing well. I feel like ours is starting to catch up some.

    I am so sorry your mom is having a rough time. I will keep praying for her.

    Happy Birthday to you and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.

    I think you are giving me pool fever. We are thinking we will look for a good deal on a clearanced pool at the end of season for next year. Maybe we can fill it up with rain water from our gutters or get the fire department to come out and fill it up. We are pretty sure our well would not be able to handle it.

    Your trip to your trailer sounds like fun. We camped Friday night also. I love sitting around the camp fire after dark.

    I hope you have a great Monday!


  2. Happy birthday and anniversary. Sorry to hear about your mom. I pray all will go well with her. We have finally gotten warm here. Glad your garden is doing well. Enjoy your day and God bless.