Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Ideas

Well after missing last weeks post, i'm back with yet another. i'm excited to share my favorite Goat Cheese recipe with all of you. I hope you get the chance sometime to make it. I use it in eggs, casseroles, and pizzas.i got this recipe a few years back from a blogging friend.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Goat Cheese 
1 gallon of goat milk
1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour your milk into a large stock pot and with a wooden spoon stir frequently until you reach 175*
Once you reach this temperature add your vinegar and turn your heat off. This will begin the process of curdling your milk and making all those incredible cheese curds appear.
I let my pot set for about 15 minutes and then begin dipping the curds out and putting them into a lined colander.
Once you have dipped out all your curds you are going to start straining out all your whey.
You will have quite a lot of whey so have a nice sized bowl under your colander.
After another 15 minutes or so, tie up your bag, remove your colander and hang your curds above the bowl so you can drain more whey.
Once it stops dripping so much you can remove the cheese.
You can add seasonings or herbs or leave it, as is.

The leftover whey is perfect for mixing with some feed or some stale bread and giving to your chickens, a GREAT source of protein for them.
Or, you can use the whey and some buttermilk to make up some ricotta cheese.


  1. Oh, I hope I will get a chance to try this! Willow is due just about any day now. If all goes well, we will start separating her kid or kids from her at night when they are around 4 weeks and start milking her.

    Thank you for the recipe!


  2. This sounds really good. We don't have goat milk so I am wondering could you do this with fresh cow's milk? Is the 175 degree temperature in farenhight ( I definitely know I spelled that wrong but you know what I mean)? I wanted to tell you about the rhubarb dumplings. I gather approx. 2 cups chopped rhubarb, add enough water to cover it good, sugar to taste and let it boil until rhubarb is tender. Then I make a dumpling batter and drop into the pot. Let this simmer until dumplings are done. I'm sorry I don't have exact measurements. You can also use tube biscuits quartered to make the dumplings. Easy and good (we think). We make all types of sweet dumplings using all different types of fruit-even tomato dumplings. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy your day andGod bless.