Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guess What? It's Raining Again....

Yes sure another weekend of rain... This is enough. Do you hear me up there, you can stop it now. We will let you know when we need rain again....

It has been another terrible week weather wise. The days we did not have rain it was damp, and the gardens ate so wet that we still are unable to plant.

I need a favor from all my blogging friends. I need you to pray for my Mother.

Wednesday afternoon my Mother had to be admitted into the hospital again. She had a very sore side and began vomiting. After running some tests they thought it might be appendicitis attack. But after having a CT scan done it is showing that she has a very inflamed liver, pancreas, and gulbladder. This is not good because it looks like there is tumours on them. They will know more this coming week with more tests and biopces. For now she is getting pain meds to help her and all we can do is pray.

On a happier note....

I went with Jill yesterday on her grade 4 ducks unlimited nature observation at the nature reserve. It was filled morning of 50 children and 4 teachers. We had a lovely morning. No rain, and the bugs were not to bad. They learned about the different marshes and what lives in them.
They seen all kinds of birds, and learned about migration, nesting, and the food chain.

Hubby went to the trailer for the night with his 2 friends to fish. They are only suppose to come home  this evening but I expect them home before luch as it is pouring out, and we are expecting a lot of rain today.

I had to call about my Internet again and they had to send out another tech last evening to change my modem again.... This time he put the newest one on the market and we are hoping it works better then the last.

I did not get to sleep in this morning as Justin had to go work over the road spreading gravel but with all the rain I thought he would have cancelled but he came and got him anyway. He more then likely had another job indoors to get Justin to go do instead.

So I'm taking a little me time right now enjoying my coffee and catching up with all my blogging. The girls are still asleep and Franchasa and I are enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof. Waiting for pioneer woman to come on.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Does it help to know that we're having the same weather here in Northern Minnesota?? Today the sun is shining and I'm ready to tackle that garden. I hope this sun makes it way to you.
    Prayers for your mom.
    From Glory Farm

  2. Oh, Jessica, it has rained here all week again too! But we are actually having sunshine right now. I need to get a couple loads of clothes done while the sun shines!

    I will be praying for your mom. I hope the doctors will be able to help her, and she doesn't have to endure more pain.

    Have a great weekend and take care.


  3. I pray all goes well with your mom. God bless.