Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Been A Little While.....

Well I missed my "Wonderful Wednesday Idea" post, and I promise to be back next Wednesday with another great idea. I kinda like, no I really do like sharing these ideas with my blogging friends.

Thursday it rained again.... We made cheese after super with Cinnie's milk that I had in the fridge. It turned out great and I made a lasagna with it before going to bed, and left it out for the night to cool. In the morning we froze it for a later meal.

Friday it turned very muggy and hit a high of 33 degrees with the humidity. After spending all morning with my Mother and making her lunch and giving it to her, I headed into town. Jayne was ready to be picked up from school at 2. I just made it to her. We left there and went to the general store to buy a Rubbermaid tub to pack our clean cloths in to go to the trailer. The big one 68 L was on sale for $5.50. We left there and headed over to Jill's school for 2:55 to get her. We ran back to the general store to pick up groceries, as we did not have time to before getting Jill. ( I once was late for Jill and she was so upset I vowed I'd never be late again) we got our needs o go away with and headed to the take out and then then for home. Hubby had pulled in before us and we hurried to load the canoe rack on the truck, the skinoe, and the BBQ( hubby found in someone's garbage that was like new, except for the broken cover. Which he fixed)
We packed the cooler, or ice chest as my american friends call it. ( which I love, and am trying to remember to call it that all the time)
I loaded and pack the new Rubbermaid tub of our cloths. And a few garbage bags of other stuff for the trailer. Then.....
It began to rain once again.....
And it rained and it rained.......
We left for the trailer in the rain, while we ate our take out driving.....
It rained all the way.....
It rained while we set everything up, and unpacked. It rained all evening, and then around 930 it stopped. We had a lovely campfire  the guys went fishing, then when they came back we had roasted marshmellows and went to bed around 11.
Saturday morning, it was windy when we first got up, but then it stopped and got nice. We had breakfast of cheese sausages, and cereal, coffee, and juice. ( there is nothing like coffee made in a enamel coffee pot on a campfire! )

The rain came again and we went down to the lake to see Hubby put the new boat into the water. But it was to ruff so he decided not too. We were all really wet by the time we got back to the trailer and decided to clean up, do the dishes, and then pack up and head back home. We were coming home Saturday anyway as Hubby had to work Sunday. Justin went for one last fish before we had to go and got 3 really nice trout.

We got home after lunch and seem a really big moose coming home. It misted all the way. We received a phone call that our meat birds were in and ready for pick up. We left right right away and went to get them and make a feed run as well.
We hooked up a heat lamp even though they are already 3 weeks old. The weather is so damp.

We had BBQ hamburgers and fries for super last night, and cleaned up the house and laundry.

This morning I had a lovely break, I feel so spoiled. Hubby made me coffee before leaving for work, and brought it into the room for me. Justin got up and Jill and him made there breakfast together, of eggs and toast. Jayne got p and made grill cheeses and made one for me and brought it into the room as well. Justin brought me another cup of coffee too. WOW! I really am blessed.

Have a wonderful day. I am going to get up and get outdoors while it is not raining, and do the barn work. Take care

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  1. Yes, you are blessed! Sounds like the perfect morning for sure. I think it's neat how camping is still enjoyable even in the rain. We wanted to go camping this weekend, but there was just too much to get done. Yesterday we got more posts in and put in our gate. We still need to fence the corners. I have been working on building a kidding pen this morning. The posts are in and now we need to build a gate and stretch the fencing. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so muggy out. I can't wait for your idea on Wednesday!

    Enjoy your day!