Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weather, school, gardening, as a little bit of camping

My title just about sums up the last week around here, in no particular order.

Thursday I drove Justin into town to get his marks. He got all his credits and will be entering grade 10 in the Fall. We are super excited for him, after such a hard year to get use to.

Friday was a super busy day ! I had to attend a awards ceremony for Jill, as she was receiving a award for overall growth. She did a super job, and we are so proud of her. Straight A's as usual for her report card. Next is grade 5. The last year of elementary school. :(

here is Jill receiving here award. she is in Blue.

Here is Jill with her teacher after getting her award.

Jayne had also received a award at her ceremonies but I had not known about this and did not beget to go. ( oh the joys of middle school, no communication from that school)
She received a plaque for copper. It was for having done her work and going to her 2 to 3 activities. Good job Jayne! Jayne also had a well done report card. Next is grade 7 for her.

I picked the girls up at 1130 as it was a half day for the last day of school. I took them to the take out for lunch, picked up my Dad at work, hurried home to drop them off with their lunches and one for Justin as well. Then I hurried back to town with my Dad to go to the hospital to bring Mom home as she was getting discharged once again. The Doctor thinks she will be more comfy at home for now.
She will go back to have another ct scan done in about 5 weeks.

We got Mom home and settled in and the girls and I were suppose to go to the trailer for the weekend, but it began to rain a bit and then a thunder shower, so we decided to stay home and get all the house, and yard work done and head up in the morning.
We left around 9 and it was hot, what a beautiful weekend. 33 degrees all weekend. The girls spent their time in the water, and I read and worked bait on my cross stitch. We came home Sunday afternoon and it was a very hot drive home.

the outhouses at the play park. i think they look beautiful.

 The girls enjoying the play park.

A amazing full moon coming up over the mountain Saturday night.

Hubby stayed home with Justin for the weekend and they got a whole pile of work done. ( makes me feel like maybe I'm in the road when I am here, maybe I should leave more often :) )

They got the potato fields all in, the pumpkin patch planted. The back yard in front of the kitchen garden cleaned and a cute little flower bed made for me. The back hoe fixed, and the little garage pull down door put on our new meat room. Good job guys!

Sunday evening it was very hot, we decided to work on the pool and pool deck. A section had to be replaced on the deck. All of us pitched in and worked on it. We had a BBQ of t bones teams, and potatoes in foil with a Caesar salad. It hit the spot after all that work. We worked on the pool draining it and cleaning it until 10 the flies were terrible.

Monday I started back to my old ritual again. Looking after Mom, don't get me wrong i love my Mother and I obey her wishes of not wanting a stranger to come in to look after her, but I can only do so much. I find it hard now that my children are home and I don't have anytime to get my own work done here at home. I am trying to let her know that in a very soft way. We all need outside help.

It was a very hot, and muggy day with the temp. Reaching 39 degrees with the humidity. To hot to do anything. We had chicken breasts coked in BBQ sauce in the slow cooker so it would not heat up the house. We had rice and toss salad with it. Yum! After super I tried to cut the lawns but was only able to cut the part that I could use the ride on mower, I tried the pull one but only lasted about 10 minutes. To hot!

We finished up cleaning out he pool,and started to run a bit of water in it last night.

It was another hot night to sleep, and when I got up this morning with Hubby I was very tired. After sending him off to work with his lunching decided to go back to bed for a little while. I awoke a short time later to the sound of rain. It is still raining out and there is a little breeze this morning. I am happy for that.

I guess the cloths I put out on the line last night will just take a little longer to dry. :)

Today between looking after my Mother, I am going to try to do up some more  rhurbarb as it has just been to hot to can in the house. Or to turn on the oven to make some more deserts.

Tonight we are having BBQ pork chops,baked potatoes, and Caesar salad.

Tomorrow I would like to try to run into town and do a grocery order as my pantry and fridge are getting low.

We are planing on going away camping this weekend as a family, as it is the long weekend here. They always have fun activities at the campground for the children and we are hoping the rain does not put a damper on our weekend.

Well I'm off to milk Cinnie belle before heading to my Moms  have a great day everyone!

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  1. Things sure have been busy around your house. Congratulations to all your children for their awards and moving on to the next grade. I am glad your mom got to come home, and I hope you are able to get the rest you need while taking care of her. I will be praying for you and that your mom will see the need for outside help. Your camping trips sound grand. We have thought about buying a camper and parking it at a campground permanently since we don't have a vehicle to pull it with, but we keep going back to our trusty, old tent. :) I hope your pool is ready to go soon so you will have a nice way to cool off. Our weather hasn't been too awfully hot yet, but today is supposed to reach 84ยบ which is a bit hotter than it has been. I hope I will be milking soon. When I "mess" with Willows she tries and has kicked the fire out of me. :) Makes me wonder how I am going to break that silly goat but I will. :)

    I hope you have a great day.