Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Wonderful Family Road Trip

Last Friday evening we packed up the Escape and headed to the trailer for the night. ( by the way if anyone is wondering our trailer is about 1 1/2 hours away from home) we took a season pass for a provincial park for the summer.
We enjoyed a lovely family evening. Campfire, a little junk food, a little crochet by the fire,
and then tucked in early to bed, as we were getting up pretty early for our annual family road trip.
Saturday morning we were up at 7, packed the escape once again, and packed up a little breakfast for us. We left the park and had muffins,and orange juice on the way. We drove about a hour or so to the town of Grand falls. It is a border town with Hamlin Maine. They have the nicest Farmers Market there. We filled up on fresh goodness of honey, kale, a few candles, a new doggie blanket for Frannie, and soap.
Then it was off to giant tigar and the country decor store.
We went for coffee, and shopped for back to school items at Walmart. Bought new cordless phones and then headed to the city of Edmudston. After having to pull over for a terrible rain storm we made it there. We had a picnic lunch of wraps, subs, cookies, juice, and garnola bars. We shopped at all the local shops, and enjoyed the little city. We went to Walmart there, and then to the pet store. We made our last stop in edmudston at the mall,and Jill got to ride the elephant.

 before grabbing a cool treat at Mac Donald's and hitting the highway for Quebec.
We drove through Quebec to where they had a government ferry dock. We decided to wait for the ferry to come in and see where it led to. After waiting a while I went to the little resturant next door that over looked the harbour to find out more. Unfourtally the ferry was docked on the other side and was not in service at the moment. :(
We continued on our journey, and after a couple hours of diving and viewing some of the most beautiful country side of farms, we arrived in Rumoski. We visited a information station to get directions and to see what this big city had to offer. They had it all but unfourtally again we were to late. We had 10 minutes and everything was closing. ( in Quebec everything closes at 5 on Saturdays)
So we headed out of the city and drove to Amqui where I had visited with the children on a road trip a little while back. We stopped for supper, gas up and headed back home.
We arrived home around 1030 and were all pretty tired. But I must we all enjoyed the family time together.
Sunday afternoon after everything was done around the house and the farm, the girls and I decided to head back up to the trailer for the night as the weather was so nice., And Monday was a holiday here.( provincial holiday)We did and we had a wonderful evening. Camp fire, had a lovely chat with the neighbours who just got up there for the month. ( same couple as last year)
Roasted marshmellows and made s'mores, had pizza, nachos, and garlic fingers, watched amazing  storm cloud show move in over the mountains.

Then the thunder and lightening put on a real good show before we had to move in for the night.
We tucked in with bee movie, and the rain poured so hard.
We went to bed and slept like babies. We woke up at 1030 YEP! That's felt great....

We had a campfire breakfast and the girls went and played around while I sat by the ire a d read my newest country sampler magazine, and crocheted,and sipped on my coffee. Very relaxing day. We headed down at supper time and can't wait to do it again  tomorrow.

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  1. Your road trip and family time sound fabulous! Your camping pictures are beautiful. I love hearing about your camping adventures and camping food. The best thing about camping is camp food!