Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Signs

It was a nice weekend at the trailer. The weather was not perfect but we made the best of it. Friday night it rained and we put up our big blue tarp over most of our lot. We had a campfire and then the wind picked up and it got to big, and I had to put it out.
We retired with a movie and some snacks indoors before heading off to bed.
Saturday the weather was ok, it was about 23 degrees but the high winds made it hard to do much. We had a peanut butter pancake breakfast with bacon.and then the children spent the day out playing, and I crocheted most of mine. We had hotdogs for lunch and got to make a small fire just before supper. I cooked supper on the fire. We had corn on the cob, hamburgers, and Kraft dinner. Yep, gotta love the woods for cooking strange combos.
We came home early Sunday as we had a big day ahead.

It was a hot day but we managed to get all our meat birds butchered, along with the turkeys. 59 and 8 turkeys. Done and in the freezer. Not as many meat birds this year but this will do.
Yesterday the girls picked more peas, and we had some with our supper, of oven fried porkchops and potatoes, I  have enough to go with tonight's supper as well. I picked all the green beans with the girls that were ready after supper before we had a huge thunderstorm. We came in and blanched them and got them vacuumed sealed and into the freezer. 8 bags to start off the season. The yellow beans should be ready tomorrow for picking.

I was told yesterday that the baskets of peaches from Ontario have began to arrive at the general store. I will have to take a run into town this week to get some. My family loves peach jam, as do I. I make 3 kinds every year. Pineapple peach jam, peach jam with cherries, and regular peach jam. YUM!
I also like to freeze some, and Make a few deserts too.
What do you do with peaches?

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