Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wet Wednedsay

Tuesday afternoon was a normal one, I left mom to rest at 2 and came home to help the girls tidy up. Justin was off for the day so he went blueberry picking with the farmer over the road. We decided to take out the last of the dinner rolls that were in the freezer, and some ground beef and whip up a shepherds pie for supper. Hubby came home from work and left right away to go pick up the square bales that were left in the field. They are not for the animals they are to sell to the mine for a wall, but he wanted them off the field before the heavy rains. The girls and I ate and made up the guys plates. We quickly cleaned up and headed down to the field to help. I drove the tractor and hubby piled the hay on the trailer while the girls made piles in the field with the square bales.
We just made it back home, got a big tarp out and the rain began. Justin came along with 6 gals of berries at the same time, and we all worked to cover the trailer up. We did up the evening barn work, and then moved in to the house socked, I washed up and changed and got to work cleaning the berries while the guys ate.
It rained so hard all night and right up to 8 this morning, it is still misting out. I put bread on to rise as well as rolls, as we were complety out. Today I will make jam, and the girls can help make a few pies. I will freeze some berries, and make some juice. OUR FAVOURITE !
So I better get a move on if I plan on getting all that done today. Take care


  1. Blueberries! YUM, YUM! Ours are already gone. We love blueberries. Good job on getting the hay up before the rain. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Sounds like a hard days work! Your blueberries sound yummy! We are still picking a few each day from our bush.

    I hope you are having a great week and enjoy your weekend!