Friday, August 2, 2013

Computer Glich On The Blog

Sunday evening I decided to go ahead and post some pictures of weeks end here in our little neck of the woods. I typed out my entry placed all my pictures in and went to publish and nothing....
I tryed again nothing....
Then I tryed one more time and lost everything....
Ok enough. I gave up and went to bed. I tryed again on Monday, but same nothing happened.
Then Monday afternoon our phone line went out and then our Internet. I was only connected to the world through my phone. I can not post pictures through my phone to my blog.
So no posts for me.

Tuesday was a beautiful day here and our friends invited us over to there pool for a swim, as their heater in there pool is electric and there pool was set at 88. We went and had a very nice evening until the thunder moved in and the dark clouds settled in. The lighting started and it was time to head home. It rained so hard coming home we were barly able to see the road. We made it back and just the run from the jeep into the house we were socked.

Wednesday Mom had a terrible day. She did not eat at all, and she was very sick to her stomach. She stayed in bed all day.
It was warm here on Wednesday and the kiddies had a pool evening. Later after we were about to settle in we noticed our drake duck was not around. Howard often spends his days back at the pond, so Hubby and I went for a walk to see if maybe he was on his island. No Howard. It has been to long of time since we last seen him and I am expecting something might have gotten him.
Poor Lucky I'm thinking she might be a widow.
We were headed back to the yard and my cousin and his wife and their daughter that live across the road from us came over for a little spin on there new atv. It is very nice and they told Justin to take the girls and go for a drive around. They all had so much fun.

Thursday Mom started out fine but had a little episode on me before lunch and I really thought I was going to have to call for a ambulance. She did come out of it and she was able to talk. Both her and I got a terrible scare.
Last evening I was able to get the front yard mowed, with the sticky weather. The ride on mower decided to quit on me and I had to do it with the push mower. I was pretty tired after that, but I want it all done before we leave.

Yep were going away today....... I am so excited. ( that is if Mom has a good day, and I feel that her and my Dad will be alright for the weekend)

We are going to the trailer tonight, then getting up early in the morning and heading over to Grand Falls for there wonderful farmers market. Some shopping at the wal mart and giant tigar. Grand falls is a border town with the States and I find that they are very good with their prices.
We will have a pinic lunch then we are on the road again to Edmudston. We are super excited to go there as it has been a long time. We will decide from where to next from there.
I have been waiting for a family trip for awhile now, and am so excited I can barly wait. With so much going on with my Mother it as been very hard to go or do anything. I miss my family. I miss our little road trips. I miss our family vacation. And I miss most of all just being with them.


  1. So sorry your Mom has been having some bad days. I pray she is doing better today. Have a great time on your trip. It sounds like so much fun. God bless.

  2. Hi, Jessica, I hope your computer is back to normal soon. I can't wait to see your pics! :) I hope you were able to find your duck. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope you were able to have a nice get away!