Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Cool Morning Frost

This morning we awoke to frost. Thank goodness I prepared the kitchen garden for it last night by covering it.
We had to put fires on in both stoves when we got up. It did not take long for the house to heat up. I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast and the kiddies enjoyed them in the heat.

Today was a busy one as I had nurse visit for my Mom, which went well. We had to do a urine test as we think she might have another infection once again though.

I had put rolls on to rise early this morning for Jayne to take away with her on her camping trip tomorrow.

I made a lasagna for supper to go with the rest of the rolls.

I packed a big hockey bag for Jayne.

I did up the rest of the laundry as it was a cool but windy day (which is great for drying )

I made up a huge batch of high chocolate chip muffins again for Jayne to take way with her.

Now I see the kiddies coming up the lane....ahhh....my day is complete....
Take care my blogging friends


  1. Wow! I can't believe you have had a frost already. We are finally cooling down into the 70s.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family. Your supper sounds good.


  2. Frost! No, No, No! Well, we know it is coming. I am so glad you covered up your kitchen garden. Sounds like you had a busy but productive day. God bless.