Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today began routine once again in our household. The children are back in school after a wonderful but way to short summer.
I began my morning bright and early by sending Hubby of to work and getting some bread on to rise, and some pork ribs on to boil.then into the slow cooker for the day in some sweet and sticky sauce.  After a couple morning coffees I packed lunch boxes and made a wonderful pancake breakfast of chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes with a big big old pound of bacon. Apple juice and orange juice and some homemade warmed maple syrup.mmmmmm no better way to start a school year off.

I drove the girls into town to school for their first day and headed to my Moms for a busy nurse day visit.

I made rice and beef fried macaroni to go with the ribs for supper. It sure was a pleasure seeing them all eat and enjoying supper after a long day. (Even though tomorrow is Justin's first day he was still hungry after working in the garage all day on his motors :)
The girls had both a great day, and had so much to talk about.

I have always cooked a turkey the first day back to school as a little family tradition here, so we have decided tomorrow will be our turkey night. With all 3 children going to school tomorrow.

I am happy for routine. I love summer but miss routine.

I'll be back later this week with a little recap of my weekend get away. But for now this girl is staying on routine and going to kiss my little ones goodnight and hit the sack myself as I'm back on ROUTINE...... Goodnight......

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  1. Hi, Jessica! I am a routine kind of gal myself!! I am so glad your girls had a great first day of school. Your meal sounds so yummy!