Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday And Sunday

Well my Saturday plans of outdoor work kinda got changed around. It began the way I wanted it to with getting to sleep in. I got up around 8 and began to relax with my cup of coffee.
Hubby came in from the barn work and asked if I wanted to go to the next town for a drive with him to look at a cooler unit for the new meat room. I waited till 9 till the girls got up and checked to see how they were feeling. Jill had a runny nose when she went to bed Friday night, Jayne was not feeling the best, mostly played out from her trip, and Justin well we knew he still was not feeling the best. Justin stayed in bed and the girls were not feeling that bad. We left and we had a nice visit with friends who had the unit. Unfourtally it was not the right style we were looking for. After leaving we went to get some lunch at the Dairy Queen ( a real treat as we don't have anything close by like that)
We decided to go out further and visit with some other fiends we had not seen in a long time. We had a really nice visit there. We went to the bulk barn to stock up on all the fall and winter spices,cake decorating needs, and brown sugar I needed for the next few months. I was very happy with what I ended up with. Then it was one last stop at the Dollar Store. I picked up some really nice fall decorations. We only returned home at 5, so I did a little outdoor work. We all headed to bed early as the kiddies were not feeling to good.

This morning I was still tired. Phoebe kept me up all night. She cried all night. Hubby got up twice throughout the night to check and make sure everything was ok in the barn.
Hubby went into town before I got up this morning and found a cooler unit. He picked up coffee at the coffee shop for me, and I made brunch for the family. Pancakes, sausages,and patato patties. We went outdoors and I decided to clean the chicken coop. Phoebe continued to ball even after she had her grain. Hubby got looking close at her and we discovered the problem. Miss Phoebe is is heat..... So we loaded her up in the trailer and took her down the road to the farmer over the roads barn to have a visit with his bull. She will stay there for around a month or a little more as he is not bringing his cattle in till then.
Hubby and I finished the cooler room in the meat room and worked on the meat room. I cooked a roast chicken for supper and Justin is feeling better today,and helped us in the meat room. BUT......Jayne and Jillian on the other hand are not really the best. Red runny noses, and sore throats.i will be having 2 little girls home tomorrow with me I guess.
I will use the rest of the chicken after I make sandwiches for the guys tomorrow to make some soup for the girls to sip away on for the day.
Well this old chicken is tired too. I think that it is time for me to hit the sack. Goodnight and I hope you all are well.


  1. Awesome that your cow is in heat. I hope all goes well with that. Maybe fresh milk in your future! I'm sorry your kids are having a rough time. Hope they feel better soon. Way to go on getting the cooler. A meat room? Is this where you will do all your processing? I would love to see pictures when it is finished. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Oh, Jessica, I hope your girls are feeling better. So glad Justin is on the mend. Your meat room sounds really neat. I want to see pictures too.:) I hope Phoebe will be bred soon. We like to stop by Dairy Queen also for Blizzards and hot dogs and chicken strip baskets. That is where my husband and I met, by the way. He was my manager, lol! We have 3 of the Lego advent calendars(we didn't buy them, my sister did) and they are a lot of fun.