Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy Weekend and A Little Vinagar

After a ton of rain the sun came out, and we had the most beautiful weekend. High 20's which were very abnormal for this time of year.
I went into town on Friday and picked up the girls after school. We went to the general store and picked up some items we needed, and picked up a special order that was brought in for me. Gary the great guy who seems to be able to get me anything I am looking for brought me in my winters flour. He loaded the back of my jeep with 4 twenty pound bags of flour, yep that makes 80 pounds total. This should just about do us out the winter.
He also got my meat tray order ready for me. Thanks to Gary for making my life a little bit easier.

Saturday I worked in the heat in my front flower beds. Oh my poor perennials have been so neglected. Our walk way went from four feet wide to 2. I pulled weeds inbetween the bricks and trimmed my rose bushes and like magic my walk way was back. The kiddies made me laugh they could not beleive how wide it was, they said they forgot.
I was able to get another bushel of apples done up into apple sauce, and we made a homemade pizza for a late supper.

This morning we had a nice brunch of sausages, mini cheese biscuits, and eggs. Then it was outside to put in a full day. We turned on the cooler and went to butcher our pigs. The day was heating up quick, and then our new cooler decided to have trouble. The radiator completely froze up solid, and poor Hubby had worked most of the day at it. We did get one pig butchered, and hung in the cooler, while we worked at the cooling unit.

I came in doors just long enough to get some fried chicken made and into the oven. I went back out to help Hubby in anyway I could. We worked on it till 630 and it seems to be ok. Hubby is out now making sure.

The other day I mentioned I put some Vinagar on. I wanted to try in words to describe how I do this. Ok so here it goes.

First I do this when I do up my apples, I save my cores and peelings and use large jars that are I think a half gallon. I put my peelings and cores and little bits into them and fill with water just to cover.

Then because my jars are wide mouth I use a lid(seal) from my normal size mason jars on top to hold the apple down under the water. Then I use some breathable fabric or heavy cheese cloth over the tops and use the jar rings to secure it. I leave it for 36 hours or so, after about 24 hours you should see some bubbles around the lid if you take off the fabric and look. I need the fabric because the fruit flies love this stuff if I don't.

Then after 36 hours I open them and strain and give the chickens the apple parts, put into clean mason jar without the lid again use breathable fabric and the ring and leave for a month. I found that after 2 weeks it still is a bit cloudy and I'm hoping it clears up in the month. I also notice it kinda bubbles up and goes away again and it dose smell yeasty yet. But we will see in a month.

Good luck to anyone who wants to give it a try. Let me know if I can help anymore. I wished I had taken pictures as I was doing it. The girls want to do some more  so if I do I will take pictures this time around. I was hoping to make some this past weekend thats why I had not blogged about it till now. But after such a busy weekend I did not get it done.


  1. Thanks so much for telling me about the vinegar. I think I might give it a try. I just wanted to make sure after the one time of emptying the peelings and stuff I don't do anything to it for one month. I'm not very good at things I have to do something to everyday. Thanks again and God bless.

  2. Hi, Jessica! I weeded my walkways last week and boy did they need it. I know what you mean! Your freshly butchered pig sounds delicious. I hope your cooler is working perfectly now. I will have to give the cider vinegar a try sometime. For some reason I thought you soaked the apples in white vinegar to make apple cider vinegar, lol! I hop you are having a great week.


  3. I am getting caught up. Thank you for all your comments and prayers for us. Do you use the vinegar just like you normally would AC Vinegar? I have always wanted to try it.

    Have a wonderful day.