Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rain On The Roof

It's 8 PM and I just finished up my day. I did my normal daily routine, made lunches, sent Hubby off to work,made the kiddies breakfast, walked down the lane and sent them off on the bus for a day of learning, tided up, did the barn work,and went to my Moms, helped her for the day, came home and made a wonderful baked salmon dinner, met my kiddies at the door and fed them a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup, got supper on the table, tided up again, got Hubby his supper, ran to the feed store with Hubby, fed the animals there supper, and washed up for the night.
During all of this day it rained. It rained very hard. And it is still raini g very hard. As I type I hear it pouring down hard on the roof of the house. It has been a very foggy rainy day. A very sleepy drury kinda day. We are expecting 4 more days of this. Sigh...... Where did Summer hot and humid go?

PS..... I did not get to my's on the top of the todo list tomorrow.....

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  1. Wow, Jessica, you made me tired just reading this!! I hope you are getting a break from the rain and get to your beans today!