Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Green Pepper Harvest

I finally got the basket of green peppers out of the garden chopped up and froze for winter. I ended up  with 21 bags total of the green and 14 of orange. I got only 8 jalapeño ones.
I had 4 cauliflowers that I picked before the frost and the last 2 brocolli. I blanched and froze them as well.

Jayne got off this morning for her three day, two night camping trip with her class. I had one very excited little girl who could barely eat her breakfast this morning.  She sent me a message from her iPod as they have wifi there. ( I thought this was camping) :)
It is suppose to be a few nice days, but the nights as still very cool. A low tonight of 8 and 4 for tomorrow night. Burrrr!

Tomorrow I am beginning with all the apples we have picked. I am going to start with the apple jelly. I should be ale to get some apple sauce done up as well, as I am having a pork roast in the slow cooker tomorrow night for super with sweet and sour sauce that I have in the freezer and this will save me time in the kitchen and more time with my apples.

Tonight I had a lovely visit with my dear friends who's daughter is gone away as well. It was so nice for her to pop in.

Now I need to get to bed as I feel my eyes getting heavy.
Good night my dear blogging friends.


  1. Hi, Jessica, sounds like your peppers did really well. You have been so busy getting everything put up for winter! I hope Jayne has a wonderful camping trip with her class. Sound like my kind of field trip!

    Thank you for asking about Bub. He had an appointment with the neurologist yesterday, and she feels he was given a wrong diagnosis in the ER. He has white blood cells in his spinal fluid when he shouldn't have any, and cranial nerve #3 is inflamed when it shouldn't be. We basically need to go back to the drawing board to figure out what is wrong. She is thinking he had/has viral meningitis. We are scheduling another spinal tap and MRI.

    I hope you are able to get to your apples today. Apple jelly sounds delicious!! Have a great day.


  2. We will be starting on apples next week. Applesauce, breakfast apples, apple jelly, apple juice. I love apple time. I think it is one of my favorite canning items. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time on her camping trip. Enjoy your day and God bless.