Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Productive Weekend

Dispite a very rainy Saturday I was able to get a lot done in the kitchen.

The girls gave me a helping hand and pickled and canned 20 more pounds of beets. That makes a total of 40 pounds done up in the pantry for winter.
We also had the carrots pulled were also ready to get them done up so after the beets we got busy and cut up all them. But I was super tired by the time we got finished so we put them in a big bowl of cold water and salt and left them till morning to blanch them. We got 28 bags into the freezer. I left the little ones in the garden for a little longer. So I'll get a few more bags before Winter. I made a banana bread for Hubby's break time treat for work. I finally set up the dehydrator and got 2 gallons of over grown green beans into it.

After the trays were all dried,

I bag them into freezer zip lock bags for winter use. I decided on putting them into the freezer instead of canning so that we don't lose them to mold just in case they still have moisture in there.

Sunday the Sun came out and it was a beautiful warm day after a week of heavy rains. After all the kitchen work we headed outdoors with the family to get some outdoor work done. After getting all the barn work done, we went and helped Hubby work on our new meat shop. We are using our first ornignal barn that we started out with. Our old meat room needed so much work that we decided to move it instead. Plus a little bigger is going to be a real nice change.
We were finally called it quits just after 8 and headed in to make some bacon cheese burgers and homemade fries with fry sauce.

This morning we got rain again. But it has now moved on. Besides helping Mom I have been busy getting Jayne prepared for her camping trip on Wednesday with her class. She is going to be gone for three days. They are suppose to have beautiful weather according to the long range forcast. Which is good as they are camping in tents. I will pick her up Friday afternoon after 2.

Well I better get super on as we are having oven fried pork chops, turkey fried rice and noodles.

Take care and have a wonderful evening my blogging friends.

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  1. Great idea on freezing the dried beans! I certainly wish I had thought to put mine in the freezer. That is what I will do next year. I hope Jayne has a wonderful time on her camping trip. Your supper sounds delicious. Enjoy your day and God bless.