Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Busy Blanching

Today while my turkey was in the oven cooking and the devil chocolate cake was cooling, I decided to go to the garden and pick. I have had a lot of brocolli and cauliflower ready and brought it in saved a bit in the fridge and blanched and froze the rest. I also to to Blanch and freeze 4 cabbages as well. The cabbages are really tuning out nice this year and we are g owing to have a lot if they keep growing this way.
The kiddies and hubby got home and we all had a nice turkey supper with all the trimmings from the garden. Yum! I ate way to much.
Even the kiddies decided to wait and have cake as there snack tonight. Instead of desert.
Justin's first day went well he has a busy semester of hard courses. He will have to work really hard.
Tomorrow evening we are going to get our new milking cow. Hubby just got the call and our buyer has found the perfect one we are looking for. I am super excited.


  1. Such a good idea to have a turkey dinner for back-to-school! We eat turkey only once a year on Thanksgiving. How exciting to be getting a milking cow!

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  2. Busy, busy! Sounds like so much fun at the campground and everything. I like the back to school dinner. How exciting to be getting a cow. I can't wait to see her picture and hear all about her. I made a post (finally) with the instructions on cooking the dried beans. We have been busy here as well. We won't start school until the first of October. Too much going on with canning right now to try to start school. I pray your mom is doing better. Enjoy your day and God bless.