Friday, September 16, 2011

Cleaning The Other Kitchen

Good Morning. It is definitely a true Fall morning here. The temp today is only going to reach a high of 12. We went all the way down last night to 5.
I went out early and picked what was left in the veggie gardens,except for the onions,corn ,pumpkins,squash and  .zucchinis.
I will gather up the rest this weekend along with the herb garden.
It is a windy day so I suppose the apples will be mostly on the ground by this evening. I plan on getting the weeones to give me a hand and gather up all the fallen ones tonight. We will divide the good ones into the barrel and make cider tomorrow while the bad apples go into another barrel in the barn for the pig, horses and chickens.
I can't believe it is apple picking harvest already. WOW! where did our Summer go?
We will have to get busy in the next week or so and bring in the potatoes as well.

Well I spent a couple hours yesterday in the Fiber studio Kitchen making a huge clean up. Cleaning out pots, labeling selves and it looks so much better.

To bad I could not get into my house Kitchen and do the same.

I am getting very excited as the day is coming so quickly.

Well I must get back out and pick up so more around the yard. I have so many pots needing to be dumped, from our summer annuals. Take care and Have a great Weekend Everyone!!!!!


  1. Oh I love the different colors of your yarn. Sounds like you are going to have a busy weekend there!That cool weather sounds lovely :) Have a great day.
    Cary Ann

  2. It has turned off cold here too. It would be nice to have some hot apple cider on a cold morning. It was odd/sad seeing the kids play out this evening in jackets. I love fall, but it is still hard to say good-bye to summer.

    Those are some huge pots! Everything looks so tidy. Your yarn is so pretty. I love your fiber studio. Seems so relaxing!

  3. Thanks Vicki, I hope it becomes relaxing after all the hard work that went into it. It is a long Winter here so I am so hoping that the Studio will pass away the time.
    I know the weeones have had to dress so much warmer now in the evenings.
    take care